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Destiny 2: Lightfall Power Caps Explained

Looking for information on how to reach the higher Power Caps in Destiny 2: Lightfall? Here's everything you need to know.

Destiny 2’s newest expansion is finally here and guardians are ready to face Emperor Calus and The Witness on the new planet, Neptune. With the arrival of the Lightfall, players will experience a new cyber punk environment, dark power, activities, and new minimum power caps. What does that mean for every guardian new and old? Read on to learn how you can become the most powerful guardian Neptune has ever seen.

Power Level Caps in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destin y 2: Lightfall power level caps

Every player who begins playing Lightfall will start at the Power level of 1600. As you complete missions in the new expansion, every piece of gear you gain will help your Power level increase to the soft cap of 1750. At 1750, you will need to gain Powerful gear from specific enemies and missions to get 1800. To reach the final 1810 Pinnacle cap, only Pinnacle gear rewards gained from special activities will grant you the final push to last Power cap.

How to Reach Each Power Cap

Destin y 2: Lightfall power level caps

Destiny 2: Lightfall presents multiple activities to reach the power cap.

To reach the first Power cap of 1600, you will need any blue gear gained while exploring or shooting down any foes. By the end of the expansion, you will have harnessed a new dark power that should help you in your mission to reach 1810. Completing Strikes, Gambit matches, Crucible activities, Season Pass reward track unlocks, and completing reputation side quests with the various NPCs in the game opens the door to both Powerful and Pinnacle treasure.

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