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How to Backup Stardew Valley Saves

While Steam Cloud exists, you never know what can happen to your save. Someone could manually delete it by accident! Think about how much you could lose.

Many of us devote so much precious energy and effort into making the perfect farm in Stardew Valley. With some save files ranking up to multi-hundred playthroughs, there's always a little bit of buried stress that you could accidentally overwrite or delete your own save. I mean, that file select screen is just asking for it!

Luckily, on PC, you can manually back up your saves so you can rest easily, as least in your mind. Since there's work to do around your farm, anyway.

Backup Stardew Valley Save on PC

Your Stardew Valley file location is local on your Windows. This is the path you need to take to see it:

C: (or whatever drive you're using)\ Users \ (whatever your username is) \ AppData \ Roaming \ StardewValley \ Saves

That's the file path. Note that the AppData folder may be invisible. If that's the case, you need to enable viewing hidden files and folders.

how to show hidden files windows

Now, feel free to copy the entire folder of the save that has your farmer name, and paste it anywhere else. Make a separate folder called "Stardew Valley backup saves" so it's easy for you to find.

Stardew valley save file path

With this, you know exactly where your saves are, so feel free to make backups. When you need to replace these, move the entire folder like that into the saves folder to replace it.

And there you go. Also read our Stardew Valley farm guide if you're deciding on a new farming adventure. There may be a type of starter farm you haven't tried yet.

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