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Which Farm Type is Right for You in Stardew Valley?

So you have just been given your grandfather’s old farm and are trying to decide which farm type is going to be best for you. Luckily, we’ve got the breakdown for you to help decide which plot of land may be right for you.

There are seven Farm types in Stardew Valley, each with different benefits and a focus on different skills. Once you have selected yours, that is the Farm type that you will have unless you start a new game, so choose wisely! Here are the 7 types:

NEW: Meadow Farm in Stardew Valley 1.6

Meadow Farm mapImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

stardew valley patch

In Stardew Valley Patch 1.6, a new type of starting farm got added: Meadow Farm. This one focuses more on raising animals and livestock. You will start out with 2 chicks and a coop that houses them, so this is a great start for animal husbandry already.

stardew valley meadow farm

Furthermore, a special type of blue grass will grow exclusively on this farm. While the exact properties aren't known at the moment, it's probably a better quality than regular grass, so it may make animals grow faster or be healthier. There are patches throughout the farm. It's unknown if this will be available to purchase later in the game or obtainable in other ways.

stardew valley new starting farm

The map layout is mostly the same, with a river running across the upper left and down. The cave is on the lower right part of the map. Grandpa's Shrine is accessible by a bridge hidden behind a tree, but you'll need an upgraded axe to clear a stump.

Standard Farm

If this is your first time opening up Stardew Valley and you are trying to figure out what the game entails, then this one may be for you!

Standard farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

This farm plot is the perfect map to start on for its design to help give you the most space to learn the mechanics of farming as well as raising animals. As you clear out all of the trees and grass from the land, you’ll be able to cultivate a huge area for farming while still having enough space to build barns and coops to supply you with all of your dairy and poultry needs.

Riverland Farm

Similar to other open-ended games, Stardew Valley has a fishing mechanic that allows you to fish a variety of areas like lakes, the ocean, and rivers.

Riverland farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

With the Riverland Farm, the River is brought straight to your front door. That means that the majority of your day would be more focussed on fishing to help you earn rewards!

Hill-top Farm

Perched along the top of the cliff, your home, if you choose this farm, would overlook the many different areas to mine on your farm.

Hill-top farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

This plot has a small amount of farmable land due to the cliffs but still has enough to start a small farm. If you are looking to gather mining ability quicker though, this farm is for you.

Forest Farm

Looking to be secluded from the rest of town? The Forest Farm is a perfect option for those who want to focus on Foraging and finding all the seasonal options that come along every year.

Forest farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

With everything like small ponds, hardwood stumps, and forageable items, this is a sure bet to be able to collect a lot of items needed to complete the Community Center in your first year.

Wilderness Farm

Need a little bit more of an adventure? At night, you can expect to see monsters spawn that increase in size as your combat level also increases.

Wilderness farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

This is the perfect map for anyone who wants to get all that the game has to offer right on their farm. Usually, you would have to go into the mines to combat any monsters but this brings adventure right to your front door.

Four Corners Farm

Want to mix everything into one single farm? This is the plot for you!In each corner, you can find a little slice of all the other types into one single location.

Four corners farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

In the top left, you will find your Forest Farm. In the top right, your standard farm. This is also where you will find your home by the way. In the bottom left is the “Riverland Farm” even though it only has a lake and not a river. Finally, in the bottom right, you will have your Hilltop Farm.

Beach Farm

Who wouldn’t want to run their own farm right on a beach? This is a great option if you want to get a good mix of foraging and fishing but don’t want to be set to one specifically.

Beach farm land in Stardew ValleyImage source: Stardew Community Wiki

There is one downfall to this one when it comes to farming though. When you learn how to set up sprinklers for farming, they won’t work in the sand. A good trade off for this is that you get the chance of supply crates washing up on shore. This farm is not recommended for your first time playing as there are a lot of mechanics you will need to know going into it.

So there you have it! Are you more of a relaxed farmer or do you want to battle monsters at night who try to enter your plot? Read more about the 7 farm types on the Stardew Community Wiki.

We want to hear which one you pick so be sure to tweet at us @SteelSeries and at me @IAmCajer!

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