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How to Level Up Fast in Raid: Shadow Legends

Defeat powerful bosses, engage in PvP battles, and form your dream team all within Raid: Shadow Legends. Here are some tips to get you started and keep you going!

Raid: Shadow Legends Guide

In essence, this game is an MMORPG with turn-based combat. Most often, you will be battling AI-controlled opponents, overcoming challenges to grow in strength and earn resources. You are able to acquire new Champions through Shards, which you can get as rewards as well as through the New Player Program.

In order to battle, you need to spend Energy, which is a useful measurement of rewards. The more Energy required to start a battle, the higher the reward will be, so you can plan your skirmishes accordingly. Alongside EXP, which is the primary way for your squad to grow in power, you'll also acquire silver and artifacts. Silver is the general currency used for a variety of functions. Artifacts are gear that your Champions can equip to receive special benefits in battle, such as lifesteal.

You can battle in one of two ways: in Manual Mode, you'll make every decision. You will select which skill your heroes use and on which target, to the greatest strategic advantage. When you want to relax a little, use the Auto Mode to have your characters fight without having to input anything. Relax and watch your foes drop before your party, alongside precious loot. That's only recommended in battles that you're confident you're going to win, though.

The best thing to do first is to follow through the campaign, which we'll explain in the next section.

The above video is a great starting point to understanding Raid: Shadow Legends. It's actually part of a playlist that has many more videos, such as Raid: Shadow Legends Champions overview, Ascension (which is further Champion improvement) and many more.

How to Level Up Quickly in Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends Campaign Guide.

The bread and butter of leveling up is doing the campaign, which is split into 12 chapters with various stages. Each can be done on increasing difficulty levels, from Normal to Brutal. Doing the stages on the harder difficulties scales up the rewards. Stage 6 in each chapter is particularly efficient to farm.

The best stage to farm on is the Brimstone Path (chapter 12). Stage 6 awards the most EXP per Energy that you spend on it, so it's definitely worth grinding it out over and over. It is ideal to do this stage on Brutal difficulty, but if you can't, do it on Hard. Nightmare is actually less efficient.

One good way to boost characters quickly is by sacrificing other characters to focus on one (you can sacrifice characters you don't want for the benefit of your favorite ones). Even if the other characters die in battle, they still receive EXP, and you can also use the Auto-Battle function to progress quickly. But in any case, doing this stage is the quickest way to level up your account in Raid: Shadow Legends. Stage 6 is the best for champions, but if you want some silver, you can switch to stage 3.

Alternatively, if you're tired of the campaign, you can switch it up with different game modes. The Minotaur's Labyrinth also gives a lot of experience, alongside Mastery Scrolls (used by Champions to progress in passive skill trees). The Dragon's Lair is another way to farm EXP.

The max account level in Raid: Shadow Legends is 100, but the faster you get to 60, the better. At level 60, you hit the maximum Energy capacity, which helps you do more missions and keep leveling.

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