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How Contracts Work in COD Warzone

Contracts are yet another interesting addition that Call of Duty: Warzone has brought to the battle royale scene. Here's how they work:

What are contracts?

Basically, contracts are in-match challenges that can be found around the map.

You can only have one at a time, so choose wisely!

There are three types of contracts, each with a different objective:


Upon accepting a bounty contract, you’ll have to assassinate another player, denoted by a crosshair on your minimap. However, you may not be the only one hunting that player, so be careful!

On the flipside, you may get a bounty called on you as well. Luckily, there’s a “Threat Indicator” on the left side of the screen that’ll tell you how close your bounty hunter is. If you survive, you get a nice little bonus yourself.


With a scavenger contract, you have to find and open three different supply boxes in a certain area. Once you get all three, the contract is completed and you will get the cash reward.


When accepting a recon contract, you’ll be asked to secure a specific site on the map. When you get there, a flare will shoot into the sky, giving those near you a sign that you’re there.

Like domination, you’re asked to be near the flag and hold it down. If you survive, you get a stack of cash that’ll allow you to buy most things from the buy station!

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