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Call of Duty Warzone: 10 Battle Royale Tips for Beginners

Those that are new to the battle royale scene may have some trouble with some mechanics of the game, so we're here to help!

It’s been a week since Call of Duty: Warzone came out - it's not only free to Modern Warfare owners but to anyone else with an Xbox One, PS4, or PC. If you're dying to jump in or already have and not sure where to start, here are 10 battle royale tips for beginners.

The Circle

The deadliest thing in Warzone isn’t the players or the weapons, it’s the circle collapse.

Two soldiers wearing gas masks and holding firearms, stand in a haze of green gas. A logo reads "Call of Duty Warzone, MW"Source: Activision

Throughout the game, a circle of gas circle will shrink as the rounds progress, effectively bringing everyone together into progressively smaller smaller safe areas.

Tips for the Warzone Gas Circle:

  • Being in the gas can be fatal. While you won’t get downed right away, you’ll take periodic damage. Depending on how long the game is going, the gas could move quickly and take loads of damage, so stay aware of it at all times.

  • Be sure to plan your routes accordingly as well. If you see that the zone is coming for you, plot a course to safety, making sure to avoid any obstacles and enemies.

  • Those that are more experienced may feel safe at the edge of circles since people won’t be coming from behind you. However, the gas in Warzone moves more quickly than you’d think. You can think you’re safe, as you’re slowly engulfed in the gas. It’s frustrating, but everyone is running from it as well.

  • If you’re already in the safe zone, great! Be on the lookout for those running into safety, as they’ll be preoccupied getting out and not looking for enemies.

Weapons Master

Get locked and loaded!

A hand holding a rifle points at a highlighted rifle on the ground. A heads up display shows a rifle and 28/30 rounds. A directional pad symbol is displayed at the bottom of the screen with the word "drop," and the top directional button highlighted. A purple box above the rifle features a square symbol with the word "swap" and a description: "Golden Dragon, AK-47 Heavy Assault Rifle." An open supply crate lays on the ground next to the AK-47 with a hovering text box. There is a magnifying glass symbol with the word "Scavenger" next to it, followed by "Collect the Crates 2/3, $2000. Source: Activision

In Warzone, you start with a pistol and your hands. Most guns you will come across will have no attachments, but if you’re lucky, you can find a ‘named’ gun that may be fully kitted with attachments depending on the rarity level.

Tips for Warzone weapons:

  • Loot for better guns by looking for supply boxes, which are found by listening to their humming noise.

  • More often than not, you can also find better guns from dead enemies.

  • You can also or try buying a loadout drop for your own guns!

A soldier crouches next to an open supply crate with a red box and two devices with screensSource: Activision

Buying items and raising cash:

Scattered through Verdansk are a number of buy stations that allow you to purchase equipment in your journey for victory. On the map, you can find these stations by looking for a shopping cart icon.

  • Buy the right things -- Explore the store to find field armor plates, field upgrades, killstreaks, gas masks, and loadout drops!
  • Cash for the store can be raised by looting around the map, killing enemies, and completing contracts.
  • More importantly, you can also respawn your teammates for $4500 each in case they didn’t make it out of the gulag.
  • When making a purchase, try not to take your time. Arrive at the station knowing what you want so you can get out of there quick; enemies are always watching!

Armor is Important

It could mean the difference between death from a couple bullets vs a couple of magazines!

A first person view of a darkened room. An armor plate hovers above the ground, with a text box reading "Armor Plate, Combat Defense" and an "F" symbol with the word "Take." A circular map is in the top left corner of the screen, with a simulated compass across the top of the screen. The bearing is NW "Karst River Quarry." A Heads up Display in the bottom right hand corner shows a pistol with 13/30 rounds. At the bottom of the screen is a Tab symbol with the word "Drop."Source: Attack of the Fanboy

You’ll spawn with 100 HP by default, which will regenerate after a certain amount of time. Armoring up is the difference between getting downed by a few shots or a full clip.

Tips for using armor in Warzone:

  • Each equipped armor plate will give you an additional 50HP. With three as a max, you’ll end up with a total maximum HP of 250.
  • Unlike health, armor does not regenerate and will have to be picked up around the map in the form of plates or you can purchase a set of 5 at the in-game buy station for $1500.
  • Keep in mind that you can only hold 5 at a time, so if you are about to buy some at the store, share your extras with your teammates!
  • When shooting at enemies, you will get an indicator telling you if you hit or broke their armor. This will let you know whether it’s time to push or not.

Crack some plates, let them try to reposition, and then pounce!

Share the Wealth

Sharing is caring!

Three soldiers stand around holding rifles pointed down, looking at two piles of money and a duffle bag full of money. A logo reads "Call of Duty Warzone, MW"Source: Activision

Like other games in the battle royale genre, you can drop ammo to your teammates - but with the buy station system in place, sometimes your friends can come up short.

  • If you’re swimming in cash, give some to your squadmates so they can purchase upgrades from the buy station, especially if you’re fully-loaded.

  • It’s hard to win a game entirely on your own, so try pooling your resources together (ammo, money, shields) for your best chance at victory.

Communicate Effectively

Be better than “over there.”

A heavily tattooed soldier looks through binoculars over a wall as a battle rages below, featuring gun fights and a helicopter with a castle in the background.Source: Activision

Communication in any battle royale game is essential. In the heat of the battle, it may be hard to analyze what’s happening and communicate that to your teammates, but it’s imperative you give vital information quickly and succinctly enough to get them on the same page.

  • If you don’t know the location names on the map, any sort of descriptive communication will work, in addition to the in-game pinging system (press it twice to announce danger!).

For example, if you saw someone in the distance, you could ping them and tell your teammates the cardinal direction (north, west, etc etc.) in order to give them the heads up. Anything is better than “they’re over there.”

Here are more communication tips for gaming.

Loadout Drops

Find or buy gear to gain an edge.

Two soldiers stand in a field, rifles raised, next to a rising plume of red smoke. A supply crate sits on the ground and another is being lowered to them below.Source: Activision

In game, you can find loadout drops randomly or through the in-game buy station for $6,000. These drops parachute down and allow you to access one of the free pre-made loadouts (if you’re playing on a free account) or one of your own custom classes (with perks!) from Modern Warfare.

  • Choose wisely, as each loadout drop is a one-time use.
  • If you have Modern Warfare, it’s imperative you make a special class for Warzone. In general, you can’t go wrong with an AR and a Sniper (pssst, use thermal) combo, but it’s up to your own personal preferences.

These loadout drops are a lifesaver. There’s nothing better than going through Verdansk with your own customized gear, especially since the guns you find have their set attachments that you may or may not like.


Cool, but dangerous.

A soldier wearing a skull mask drives an ATV over a frozen lake in the woods. A heavily tattooed soldier sits behind him, firing at a helicopter in pursuit. Two parashooting soldiers are silhouetted against the sky. There is a large explosion and a soldier's body laying on the ice. A logo reads "Call of Duty Warzone, MW"Source: Activision

Throughout Verdansk there are a number of vehicles you can take your squad around in. Here’s a breakdown from safest to death-box o’clock.

  • Helicopter - Holds four, has some coverage, and flies. You don’t have to ‘land’ to get out, you can additionally just eject and parachute down.
  • Cargo Truck - Holds four, starts off very slow, but has the best protection. Squad members can get in the back and go prone as well.
  • SUV - Seats four, has good protection, and has medium speed.
  • Tactical Rover - Seats four, has almost no protection, and is also idea for off-roading
  • ATV - Seats only two, but is fast and great at off-roading

Keep in mind that occupied vehicles show up on the map, so be wary of those who may pay attention to you!


What they are and how to complete them

A female soldier crouches next to a hovering black box with a yellow flag symbol on it.Source: Activision

Contracts are yet another interesting addition Warzone has brought to the battle royale scene. Basically, they are in-match challenges that can be found around the map. You can only have one at a time, so choose wisely!

There are three types of contracts, each with a different objective:

  • Bounty - Upon accepting a bounty contract, you’ll have to assassinate another player, denoted by a crosshair on your minimap. However, you may not be the only one hunting that player, so be careful!

On the flipside, you may get a bounty called on you as well. Luckily, there’s a “Threat Indicator” on the left side of the screen that’ll tell you how close your bounty hunter is. If you survive, you get a nice little bonus yourself.

  • Scavenger - With a scavenger contract, you have to find and open three different supply boxes in a certain area. Once you get all three, the contract is completed and you will get the cash reward.

  • Recon - When accepting a recon contract, you’ll be asked to secure a specific site on the map. When you get there, a flare will shoot into the sky, giving those near you a sign that you’re there.

Like domination, you’re asked to be near the flag and hold it down. If you survive, you get a stack of cash that’ll allow you to buy most things from the buy station!


Death is not the end, my friend.

Two soldiers square up to fight in a desolate shower room. A logo reads "Call of Duty Warzone, MW"Source: Activision

The gulag is yet another refreshing idea added to the battle royale genre by Call of Duty. While other battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends have you respawn people through a van or beacon, Warzone allows you to fight for your life back.

  • When you get into the gulag, you may not have an opponent from the get-go. There’ll be a counter in the top-left hand corner telling you when its your turn. In the meantime, you can spectate gulag battles and throw rocks at... well, anyone.

  • Everyone gets one trip to the gulag per game, and if you win, you get to return to the battlefield with some armor and money.

  • Similar to the Gunfight game mode in Modern Warfare, you’ll receive randomized guns and equipment. In the same vein, your health won’t regenerate and overtime will be called if the battle lasts longer than 40 seconds. In that case, you’ll have to capture a flag in the very middle of the map before your opponent. If overtime runs out, the person with the highest amount of health wins!

  • If you die with your teammates, you may have an advantage if they spawn in the same Gulag as you. If that happens, you’re in luck! You can spectate each other and give some intel on where their opponents are located.

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