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How Armor Works in COD Warzone

Armor in Call of Duty: Warzone can mean the difference between death from a couple bullets vs. a couple of magazines! Here's a quick guide to how armor functions in Call of Duty: Warzone.

A first person view of a darkened room. An armor plate hovers above the ground, with a text box reading "Armor Plate, Combat Defense" and an "F" symbol with the word "Take." A circular map is in the top left corner of the screen, with a simulated compass across the top of the screen. The bearing is NW "Karst River Quarry." A Heads up Display in the bottom right hand corner shows a pistol with 13/30 rounds. At the bottom of the screen is a Tab symbol with the word "Drop."Source: Attack of the Fanboy

  • You’ll spawn with 100 HP by default, which will regenerate on it's own after a certain amount of time.
  • Unlike health, armor does not regenerate
  • You can pick up armor around the map in the form of plates, or you can purchase a set of 5 at the in-game buy station for $1500.
  • Each equipped armor plate will give you an additional 50HP. With three armor plates as a max (150HP), you’ll end up with a total maximum HP of 250.
  • You can only hold 5 armor plates at a time, so if you are about to buy some at the store, share your extras with your teammates!
  • When shooting at enemies, you will get an indicator telling you if you hit or broke their armor. This will let you know whether it’s time to push or not.

Crack some plates, let them try to reposition, and then pounce! Good luck out there.

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