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How Can Sound Help in Racing Games?

SteelSeries is changing the game when it comes to sim racing. Let's hear it straight from some of the best racers in the world, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS esports team.

Sim racing is designed to be an immersive form of driving. There are many elements that come together to evocate that cockpit feel: the chair, the lights, the controller, the monitors, and the sound. We're here to help with that last one.

SteelSeries interviewed the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team at their esports room in the Mercedes F1 factory. Find out how both our gear and software help them dominate the racetrack. Even the slightest upgrades to your gaming audio could mean an enormous difference in getting that gold medal.

Interview Questions

Why is sound important in sim racing?

For us, sound is extremely important. In real life, you feel a car sort of move under you. Of course, in sim racing we don't have this, and so we rely on other aspects, and sound is a very big part of that.

Why do you use the SteelSeries headsets?

The reason why we use the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless at Mercedes is because we've got a great level of customization available to us. We've got noise cancelling where you can stay very much focused on your driving. During a start, you need to hear competitors. Another thing during a race that's important is hearing the engine sound for that connection with the engine revs. Find the right options.

How do you incorporate SteelSeries Sonar Software?

The SteelSeries Sonar Software is very useful to us as it allows us to hear what we want to hear. The sounds we have mainly tried to minimize are mainly curves. We tried to highlight locks up a bit more. We as the Mercedes esports team have created a profile that we use as drivers ,and soon it will be made available for everybody to use at home.

Where else do you use SteelSeries headsets?

You don't want to get distracted by discomfort when you're sometimes driving for long hours. With these headphones, you can just keep driving forever. But you can also use them while traveling, for example, or listening to music.

SteelSeries is expanding their product line so you can choose which headset suits you the best!

Big thanks Bono Huis and Jarno Opmeer from Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope the headsets continue to serve them well, and entice some future esports players! Want to try yourself? Read our blog on how to get into sim racing.

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