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Dota 2 Patch 7.36 Broken Tips and Tricks

The huge changes in patch 7.36 allow for brand new hero synergies. See these for tips!

The immense Dota 2 patch 7.36 is fundamentally changing the game yet again. Oracle will tell you where the next Rune will spawn, Marci increases the level of couriers, and Centaur really gets thicker over the course of a game.

With the changes, it's still difficult to take in all the possible combos between heroes. Luckily, this video from the Dota 2 tips channel lays out a few really interesting ones that you probably haven't thought of yet.

  • If you spam a couple of spells as Rubick, you can make a huge Chronosphere or other AoE spells like Black Hole and Ancient Apparition's Vortex. Casting spells grants Rubick a stackable buff.
  • Techies can get huge casting range because you also put Neutral Items into your backpack. They all work with the right facet! You can get really tanky, too....
  • Morphling can put a regular item into the Neutral Item spot after morphing into Meepo.

Rubick chronosphere dota 2

  • Weaver's bugs can grant him experience. You will know when you're hitting illusions with them, because you won't get EXP.
  • If Pudge eats Warlock while his golem is out, the summons will get huge and have greatly increased burn.
  • When playing Oracle, Alt-click on the buff you always have to tell your team where the next Rune will spawn. You will also say where and what kind of Rune just spawned if available.

Windranger rampage dota 2

There are so many more combos and new things, we can't possibly list them all. I hope you've been finding broken things on your own, too!

See all the tips in the Dota 2 video from the Dota 2 tips channel! Multiple links to the always great Dota Cinema as well.

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