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Blueberry Academy Pokedex Rewards

A Completionist's Dream!

The Indigo Disk, the new DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, transports players to the all-new Blueberry Academy area with its own Pokédex brimming with over 200 discoverable Pokémon! This academic hub opens up brand new ecosystems filled with Pokémon of all types and forms- Alolan, Galarian, and Hisuian — just waiting to be added to your squad. Below we provide the complete catalog of rewards provided for completing the Blueberry Academy pokedex!

Pokémon CaughtRewardIcon
90Ability Capsule x1abilty capsule pokemon
100Upgrade x1upgrade pokemon
110Dubious Disc x1dubious disc pokemon
120Safari Ball x1safari ball pokemon
130Electirizer x1electirizer pokemon
140Magmarizer x1magmarizer pokemon
150Love Ball x1love ball pokemon
160Protector x1protector pokemon
170Dragon Scale x1dragon scale pokemon
180Moon Ball x1moon ball pokemon
190Metal Alloy x1metal alloy pokemon
200Dream Ball x1dream ball pokemon
210Gold Bottle Cap x1gold bottle cap pokemon
220Beast Ball x1beast ball pokemon
230Ability Patch x1ability patch pokemon
240Master Ball x1master ball pokemon
240Mark Charm x1mark charm pokemon

What is the Mark Charm?

Mark Charm Pokemon Scarlet Violet

After completing the pokedex, you will need to head to the Blueberry Academy Entrance and speak to Cyrano who will praise you for completing the pokedex! He will then hand you the Mark Charm.

First introduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield's Isle of Armor expansion, the Mark Charm increases the chances of finding Pokémon with Marks by providing two further opportunities per encounter.

The Mark Charm is an important item for trainers looking to obtain rare Marked Pokémon, now available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This special charm gives 2 extra rolls for getting a mark when encountering wild Pokémon, essentially tripling the rates.

Equip the Mark Charm and explore Paldea’s diverse biomes — with boosted odds, this exotic land’s Pokémon are more likely to flaunt special patterns!

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