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How to Switch the Bluetooth Profile of Your Keyboard

The convenience of wireless keyboards cannot be overstated, but did you know that you can quickly switch between Bluetooth profiles of your keyboard with a few button presses? Learn how.

We love the comfort of wireless keyboards. My setup has plenty of cables and USB-connected devices, so any wireless capability is a relief for my desk and my inner obsessive-compulsive nature.

While we do have a growing selection of wireless gaming keyboards, we're going to learn a neat trick today that will make life easier for the lucky owners of said keyboards (or potential new owners).

Some of our keyboards feature an incredibly useful shortcut for uiqckly switching the Bluetooth profiles associated with the keyboard. Say you have multiple devices lying around your PC, like a tablet or even your cellphone. Or you're looking to take your keyboard with you and use it with a different computer. This shortcut will make connecting between those devices easier than inputting a Hadouken.

The following is compatible with these keyboards:

1. Switch your keyboard to Bluetooth mode.

Keyboard bluetooth mode

The two mentioned keyboards can operate in either 2.4GHz wireless (with a dongle) or with Bluetooth. On the back, you will find a small switcher. Toggle it to the Bluetooth symbol!

Bluetooth switched

2. Press the SteelSeries Key + Enter + 1.

Now, hold down the SteelSeries key, then Enter, and then press 1. The keyboard should light up and pulse quickly in blue. If a device hasn't been connected yet to this profile, you can connect it now. Make sure the other device is in searching mode and connect it.

3. You can also press the same combination + 2 or 3 for the other profiles.

If a device has already been paired, the keyboard will pulse slowly in blue, indicating that it is searching for the device that was connected to this profile. This way, you can quickly switch between multiple devices that you paired earlier!

4. Forget the paired device by holding down the number longer.

Want to "delete" a device from one of the profiles? Press the same key combo, but hold down the number for the profile.

There you go! Now you learned a useful shortcut to quickly switch between Bluetooth profiles on your gaming keyboard, which is so convenient when you're running multiple devices. Ready to pick up an Apex Pro TLK today?

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