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Best Headset for PSVR 2

Looking to immerse yourself even further while playing VR? We have the perfect recommendation for the PSVR 2 system.

VR gaming uses many of our senses for an immersive experience (when is smell-o-gaming?). When it comes to PSVR 2, you can find the best gaming headset for VR right here at SteelSeries.

Best Gaming Headset for PSVR 2

VR Gaming headset

Our recommendation for the best headset for the PSVR 2 is the Arctis Nova 7P Wireless. There are several reasons as to why:

  • Wireless gameplay: While your PSVR 2 will take the 1 USB-C slot on your PS5, use the USB-A to C cable (included) to plug in the AN7P dongle. Now you have your headset working without any additional cables reaching to your VR headset, giving you more space.
  • Great fit: The Nova headset lineup has the ComfortMAX System, which has multiple points of adjustments. Extend the earcups to fit it just right over your ears while wearing the PSVR 2 headset.
  • Amazing audio and battery life: With the Nova Acoustic System and 38-hour battery life, you're in for long and immersive VR sessions.

PSVR 2 setup

Other Gaming Headsets for VR

VR wired gaming headset

Another option for a great VR gaming headset is the Arctis Nova 1P White. This is for those who don't mind the wire. The PSVR 2 headset has a 3.5mm jack, so you can easily connect your Arctis Nova 1P into it, like so.

VR audio setup

The plug is on the underside of the headset, on the left side, by the power cable. That is all you need to do to setup your Arctis Nova 1P.

Alternatively, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is also a good choice. With that one, the Wireless Base Station, plugged into your PS5, will transmit sound wirelessly to your headset.

We do recommend the Nova lineup of our headsets for the PSVR 2, as the newer ComfortMAX system offers the best fit for the PSVR 2 system.

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