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Best Headsets for the Steam Deck

Whether you have a Steam Deck or are thinking about one, you should consider what kind of accessories you need for the best experience on the new platform. Also, chances are, some of your SteelSeries gear already works!

The Steam Deck officially released on February 25th, and with it, a new way to experience PC gaming: on the go. While the platform is continuously adding Steam Deck-compatible games, there is some exciting functionality with the device, since it has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack. This means that a wide range of SteelSeries headsets can work with the device!

Best Wireless Headset for the Steam Deck

Arctis 7+

The award-winning Arctis 7+ headset is a fantastic fit for the Steam Deck. With the included USB-C dongle (which is what enables the Arctis 7+ to be so versatile and work across PC, PS5, PS4, Android, the Switch, the Oculus Quest 2 and more) connecting to Valve's new device is extremely easy. Take advantage of the 2.4GHz wireless, as going cordless is a great advantage on the go. With the 30-hour battery life, forget the stress of being limited by power. In case you need it, fast charging has your back, giving you over 3 hours of gameplay after just 15 minutes. The amazing sound quality of the Arctis 7+ is a great way to immerse yourself with your new Steam Deck.

Best Wired Headset for the Steam Deck

Arctis Prime

For a wired option that's also extremely affordable, go for the Arctis Prime headset. Despite the lower price, don't think of this is a lower-end headset, just the opposite. The Arctis Prime uses the same premium hardware as the Arctis Pro, achieving crystal clear sound that's twice the audio Hz of typical headsets. The comfortable earcups are also noise-cancelling, so wherever you're gaming on the Steam Deck, expect no outside interference as you play.

Compatible Headsets for the Steam Deck

The list of headsets that work with the Steam Deck doesn't stop there. From our testing, the best experience is with products that have either have our USB-C dongle or the 3.5mm jack.

As you can see, there's plenty of options to have awesome sound for your Steam Deck. The dongle or the cable are the best way to avoid any latency for an ideal experience.

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