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Best Destiny 2 Builds Without Seasonal Artifacts

Destiny 2 always has revolving builds, often changing with the seasons. But we have dug up a few mainstay builds that should work no matter what the seasonal artifacts are.

Looking to get started with Destiny 2? A new season is always a good reason. If you want some advice on a build to follow for each of the classes, you're in the right spot.

We're going to cover three popular builds that should work no matter what the seasonal artifact is, so you'll have some mainstay. We'll take a look at popular Solar Warlock build, a great Biotic Sunbreaker, and a Void Hunter build as well.

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Destiny 2 builds

Solar Warlock Build by Aztecross

Destiny 2 Solar Warlock

Super: Well of Radiance

Aspects: Heat Rises, Touch of Flame

Abilities: Healing Tift, Burst Glide, Incinerator Snap, Solar Grenade

Fragments: Ember of Singeing, Ember of Resolve, Ember of Searing, Ember of Ashes

Weapons: Ager's Scepter (Exotic Trace Rifle)

Armor: Sunbracers (Exotic Gauntlets)

In general gameplay, you want to kill first with the Ager's Scepter, which will freeze enemies. Then use Incinerator Snap to generate super energy and activate the iconic Sunbracers. Then start throwing Solar Grenades, ideally 5 in a 5-second window. Continue then getting kills in the air to recharge Incinerator Snap via Heat Rises and start the combo again.

Biotic Sunbreaker Titan by Plunder

Sunbreaker Titan Destiny 2

Super: Hammer of Sol

Aspects: Sol Invictus, Roaring Flames

Abilities: Towering Barricade, Strafe Lift, Throwing Hammer, Healing Grenade

Fragments: Ember of Torches, Ember of Solace, Ember of Empyrean, Ember of Beams

Weapons: Tractor Cannon (Exotic Shotgun)

Armor: Synthoceps (Exotic Gauntlets)

Keep using Throwing Hammer a lot to create Sunspots, which give Restoration on kills. You'll also get stacks of Roaring Flames which will increase your damage. Make sure to pop Healing Grenades to trigger Restoration without killing enemies.

When meeting bosses or higher health targets, use the Tractor Cannon to suppress and debuff the target by 30%.

Void Hunter Tether by Plunder

Void Hunter Destiny 2

Super: Shadowshot: Deadfall

Aspects: Vanishing Step, Stylish Executioner

Abilities: Gambler's Dodge, Triple Jump, Snare Bomb, Echo of Cessation

Fragments: Echo of Undermining, Echo of Persistence, Echo of Starvation, Echo of Cessation

Weapons: Wish-Ender (Exotic Combat Bow)

Armor: Orpheus Rig (Exotic Leg Armor)

Using Wish-Ender, gather super energy, and active Shadowshot: Deadfall. Tether enemies, which will trigger Orpheus Rig to give you half your energy back. Shoot the high health target to share the damage onto others. Soon you can use Tether again and reset for every enemy pack!

We hope you enjoyed the spotlight on these starter Destiny 2 builds. Regardless of season, these will always be fun. Don't forget to record your awesome Destiny 2 clips with Moments using our free software.

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