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The Benefits of Gaming with A Large Mousepad

Why choose a large mousepad for gaming? Honestly, why shouldn't you?

If you use a PC for any modicum of time, or you primarily game on PC, you're likely well aware of how practical having a great mousepad is. Though many mice can glide across your desktop surface smoothly without the need for a mousepad, there are so many fantastic reasons to get one that you should absolutely consider it. But not just any mousepad—a larger one. We have a collection of mousepads big and small, plenty of them to fit any gaming or productivity style.

Why would you choose a larger mousepad, though? If you're considering it, but need a great reason to pull the trigger, we've got everything you need to consider right here. Then you can think about making that purchase you've been eyeing.

Why should you game with a larger mousepad?

A look at the SteelSeries QCK 3XL mousepad, which is plenty large enough for most users.

Support for different mouse grips

Not everyone who uses a mouse does so in the same way. Using larger mousepads is always a good idea for those who use the palm grip style out of the claw or fingertip options. Those using the palm grip style can especially benefit from a bigger mousepad, as you'll move the mouse around the entire desktop space, using mostly your arm to control it. Extra space for your arm on your workspace is preferable to having it cramped up beside you, and you have plenty of area to adjust without moving the mouse off of the edge of the mousepad.

Coverage for the entire desk

Desks can be pretty expensive. If you have one you really like, or you want to try to preserve the surface as long as possible, you can put a larger mousepad on the desk. Our biggest sizes can fit across the length of desktops, and you can have mousing power wherever you decide to put your peripherals. That means you can put your monitor and other equipment wherever you want and still have plenty of space, which is great news for streamers or gamers who just have a lot of goodies they keep on their desk. And you're also avoiding pesky scratches.

Better sensitivity

Depending on your mouse's DPI, you may prefer to play at a lower or higher DPI. If you play at a lower DPI, your mouse is going to have to travel further on your desk. Take games like Call of Duty, for example. A lower DPI is integral to success in shooters and twitch-based games like these, so you'll have to be cognizant of what yours is set to so you have full control of what you're doing in-game. The more space you have for your mouse to travel, the better you'll perform. The same can be said of a higher DPI for games like MOBAs, RTSs, etc.

There are a myriad reasons for you to opt for a larger mousepad, most of which are related to comfort and performance. At the end of the day, it's a personal decision, of course, but you'll be much better off with the additional space, and SteelSeries QcK mousepads are your best bet.

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