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Can You Use Your Arctis Headset with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

Can you bust out the SteelSeries gear you already have with the new Switch? Here's the 411.

The Nintendo Switch family of systems is expanding once more, as a new addition is now available. Move over, Switch Lite, because the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has hit store shelves. Yes, you read that correctly. Another Switch is here. But what does that mean for your Arctis headset?

Great things, actually! You can use the same Arctis headset you already have with the upcoming Switch model. Functionally, the new Switch will essentially mirror the others, but it'll have a better screen as well as additional augments. That's good news for your headset.

What is the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

The new Nintendo Switch brings a swath of new features with it, though it's largely the same handheld/console hybrid you're used to. However, this version, as the title implies, will come with a larger, vibrant 7-inch OLED screen to make playing on the go even more exciting than usual. It'll bring your favorite games to life with colors that pop and sharp contrast that will ensure no matter which game you decide to try on it.

But beyond a bigger, brighter, and more colorful screen, this new Switch model is also bringing additional features into the fold: a wider, adjustable stand that you can use the Switch with in tabletop mode, and a new dock with a special wired LAN port. That makes it the perfect option off the bat for playing multiplayer games with one game for local play or heading online with multiple systems.

Additionally, the system comes with 64GB of internal storage so you can download more games from the Nintendo Switch eShop right out of the box, as well as enhanced audio for both handheld and tabletop gaming. Nothing has changed in that regard, as you can still use it docked or out of the dock and on the go with the Joy-Con controllers detached and ready to go.

Additionally, the system will come in two color configurations when it debuts. You can choose from the white version, with white Joy-Con controllers, a while dock, and a black Switch, or the neon red/neon blue version, which comes with neon red and blue Joy-Con controllers, a black dock, and a black Switch. You can start snapping these systems up on October 8.

What headset can you use with the Nintendo Switch OLED Version?

A closer look at the new Switch OLED version's dock.

All of the Arctis headsets you already use with your Nintendo Switch will be compatible with the new version. That means you still have plenty of options for use even if you decide to make the jump to a new Switch console.

So whether you're looking to take it on the go and enjoy your favorite game on your morning commute or you want to chill out at home with your shiny new Switch, you can use whatever you're already using with your current system to enjoy game audio or chatting with friends on the go.

Here's a full list of what's compatible:

  • Arctis Prime
  • Arctis Pro
  • Arctis 9 Wireless
  • Arctis 1 Wireless
  • Arctis 3 Bluetooth
  • Arctis 1 Wireless for Switch
  • Arctis 3 Black
  • Arctis 3 White
  • Arctis 3 Console
  • Arctis 1

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