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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Gamer

Instead of your typical concessions, flowers, and cards, think about something that might last longer, and connect you two better, too. Show your love with these gaming gifts!

Looking for some gamer gift ideas for your significant other? If you're as gaming-inclined as we are, there's a bunch of great options at SteelSeries that can fit into your gaming budget. Impress them with something different, and something that will last a much longer time. These are also great for gaming couples, especially when talking remotely.

Name a more complicated couple than Geralt and Yennefer.

Arctis 1 Headset

Arctis 1

Not everyone has the opportunity to be close to their significant other. Whether you talk on the phone, or game with Discord every day, having clear, comfortable sound is paramount. Our award-winning lineup starts with the Arctis 1, a cutting-edge headset with high sound quality (same as our Arctis 7!). Notice the difference when nearby noises get tuned out, thanks to the ClearCast microphone technology, that's also Discord-certified. Also, the headset works with virtually every major platform, from PC, to PlayStation, Xbox, to the Switch. There's no going wrong this one, but for another option, consider the Arctis Prime.

Apex 3 TKL Keyboard

Apex 3 TKL

Just look at how colorful it is! The Apex 3 TKL shines in all colors, which are fully customizable with the SteelSeries Engine application. The RGB lighting has 8 zones of illumination, and it responds to Discord notifications, completing that setup. Furthermore, the switches are quiet, so don't worry about click-clacking cluttering up your voice calls.

However, the important thing here is the TKL form factor, meaning "tenkeyless." By cutting out the numpad, the keyboard gains a sleeker, slimmer look, introducing more space to their desk. More room for a drink, perhaps? Well, don't worry about accidental spills as much, since this innovative keyboard comes IP32 water resistance, first of its kind.

Rival 3 Mouse

Rival 3

Finally, no setup is complete with a mouse. The Rival 3 has a fantastic sensor. With an unbeatable price and brilliant 16.8 RGB color possibilies, it's sure to light up any desk (it can sync up with the keyboard, too!). It's light and ergonomic, and we also have the Rival 3 Wireless available as well with 400+ hour battery life. What's not to love?

Of course, don't let these selections limit you. We have tons of other great gaming headsets, awesome gaming mice, and lovely gaming keyboards.