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4 Things You May Not Have Noticed About Resident Evil Village

Do you know everything there is to know about Resident Evil Village? Probably not.

If you're thinking about jumping into the world of Resident Evil Village next month, you've undoubtedly been keeping an eye on all the trailers and game footage that's come out as of late. You may have gotten your hands on the limited-time demos that have released for a brief taste of what awaits Ethan Winters as he sets off on a quest to rescue his daughter Rose.

But here's the thing. Sometimes, there are plenty of clues well-hidden within things like the Village demos or even early footage to keep people guessing. Capcom has hidden plenty of those types of things, and you may have missed them, even though they were in plain sight. Not to worry, because we've collected a few of them here for you.

Here are 4 things you may not have noticed about Resident Evil Village just yet.

There’s An Obvious Homage to Resident Evil 4

The Duke waiting to sell you what you need in-game.Source: Capcom

One thing you may remember fondly about Resident Evil 4 is the Merchant, who would always be around to sell you the items you needed on your quest. There's a character like that in Village called the Duke. He'll be around to sell you things you need as well, but he's also got something fun to say. He'll ask you in a prickly voice, "What're ya buying?", which is a reference to what the Merchant would always ask. The Duke then laughs and says that phrase is something his "old friend" used to say. Are the Duke and the Merchant related somehow?

Typewriters Are Back

A typewriter out in the wild.Source: Capcom

Typewriters and ink ribbons are a mainstay of the Resident Evil series. They've been there for most of the entries throughout the games, but they've been largely in the background as of late. They did reappear in Resident Evil 3, the modern remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, but they were a bit out of place in that game's more modern setting. Now that Resident Evil Village is taking place in a more remote European village, typewriters are making a comeback in a big way. They won't require ink ribbons, but they'll be around everywhere for you to save. And that's a fun callback that fans will appreciate, for sure.

Something Huge is Out There

One of the doors something big could be hiding behind in Resident Evil Village.Source: Capcom

If you played the first Resident Evil Village demo, you might have noticed that there's rumblings of something huge. What is that? Look closer at one of the basement rooms for one particular boarded-up area and you might notice something a little weird. There might be something hidden behind those boards...something that looks like a lycanthrope, perhaps? Is this one of the werewolf-like creatures we've seen referenced in-game? How big are those things, anyway? Are they going to be a major focus when it comes to combat?

Lady Dimitrescu is Probably More Than Just a Vampire

Lady Dimitrescu is extremely tall, but is she also a Tyrant?Source: Capcom

Yes, that huge "vampire lady" you've seen throughout all the Resident Evil Village trailers is likely a lot more than a vampire. We've seen her towering over everyone in the game, including protagonist Ethan Winters, but we've only really seen her tasting his blood. We don't know if she has a real reason to drink it, but we've seen she has a lot more abilities at her disposal than just fangs. She has super lengthy nails, for one, to slash with. They look a bit Tyrant-ish, in fact...

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