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Reddit Users Rave about Aerox

We've recently launched new entries in our Aerox family. If you've been on the fence regarding picking one up, here are some testimonies from Reddit users.

The King of MMO

King of MMO picture

User MikeDaUnicorn absolutely loves the Aerox 9, which we specifically built out for the MMO and MOBA genres. The flexibility of a great wireless build with many great features, like the long battery life, and AquaBarrier combine with 12 side buttons to give you all the options you need to dominate in those games.

Great for FPS

Aerox 9 picture

User shokogunate uses the Aerox 9 for FPS games, showing the genre range of this product. Weighing at 89g, the TrueMove Air sensor gives you reliable tilt tracking and the next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches last for over 80 million satisfying clicks.

Ask and you shall receive

Aerox 5 Wireless gift

We had a Reddit user keep asking about the new Aerox mice, and so we decided to fulfill that wish by sending them an Aerox 5 Wireless with some swag. We pay attention to our social media! The mouse is an awesome combo of performance and ultra lightweight speed, weighing only 74g.

Feel impressions

Aerox 9 feel impressions

A couple of users talk about the feel of the mouse in detail, describing the shape and the hump of the Aerox 9 Wireless.

Shots fired... and missed

Glorious Gaming tweet

Response to the mice

Trust us, no mouse from the Aerox gaming mouse family is a rip-off. All the Aeroxes are designed for long-lasting durability, with resilient construction and quality parts. As mentioned, that's why we have our proprietary AquaBarrier with validated IP54 rating for protection, and those Golden Micro IP54 Switches.

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