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Create the Aerox 3 of Your Dreams

We've launched brand new customization options for the Aerox 3 mice. Pick out your desired options and ship the custom order for yourself!

We're taking our line of Aerox 3 to the next level. The ultra lightweight gaming mice you've loved are getting a glow up with a variety of customization options. With selectable body and cable color options, find the ideal fit for your setup and style.

To begin, simply go to our Aerox 3 Customization page (accessible from our mouse selection) and make sure that the "Customize" option is selected on the right. "Ready to ship" shows the regular 2022 Editions of the mice.

Wired or wireless?

First, select if you want the mouse to be Wired or Wireless. Note that the Wireless version comes with more customization options for the cord to recharge your mouse, getting you back in the action in style.

Body color

Mouse Body Color customization options

In addition to Onyx and Snow, there's also Royal, Ghost, and Jade. Definitely the most compelling part of your image. Note that on the left side is a fully rotatable 3D rendering of what the mouse would look like, so play around with it.

Cable options

Cable Customization Options

We've got 8 different colors available here, giving you some great options to contrast or complement your body color choice. The cable will be long, Super Mesh, and USB-A to USB-C.

If you don't care about the colors as much, you can opt for the black Kevlar cable, which is an upgrade, as it is much more durable than typical ones.

Mouse feet

Mouse Feet Options

Lastly, select what your mouse should be gliding on. After PTFE and Virgin Grade skates, you can now opt for Ceramic feet. Those are an even higher quality material for top-level frictionless gliding.

Once you're done, hit that Add to Cart button to have your customized Aerox 3 gaming mouse ready and sent to you!

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