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Why You Should Be Using Pudding Keycaps

PrismCaps are new double shot PBT keycaps built for extreme durability with enhanced RGB lighting and compatible with the widest range of mechanical keyboards.

Today we're unveiling the new SteelSeries PrismCaps, designed to give you the ultimate option to customize and enhance your gaming experience through your keyboard.

PrismCaps are designed to make mechanical keyboards more durable than ever and provide a stunning appearance thanks to a "double shot" pudding-style design that emphasizes the brilliance of RGB lighting. They are engineered with extremely durable PBT plastic that stays consistent in texture, clarity, and appearance after heavy use, and designed to fit virtually any mechanical keyboard.

Let's break it down:

PrismCaps in black

Extreme Durability – Engineered with thermoplastic PBT, one of the hardest and most durable keycap materials available, SteelSeries PrismCaps retain consistent texture and appearance through extreme use – even for the most hardcore gamers.

Enhanced Lighting – With millions of color options, gamers can power up their keyboards with brilliant pudding-style RGB illumination through a specially engineered double shot design with translucent sides and letters.

Widest Compatibility – It’s about fit, placement, and precision. SteelSeries PrismCaps include two additional sets of alternate bottom row keycaps to fit the widest range of mechanical keyboard brands (SteelSeries, Razer, HyperX, Corsair, Ducky, and more).

PrismCaps in white, detail

What is PBT?

PBT (or “polybutylene terephthalate”) is one of the hardest and most durable keycap materials available. Unlike other materials, PBT does not turn yellow over time, and is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. While ABS plastic will develop a shine over time, PBT plastic will retain a consistent texture and appearance even after heavy use.

What are double shot keycaps?

Double shot keycaps are produced using two layers of plastic that are molded into each other, removing the need to print characters onto the keycap. This method ensures that keycap lettering will never fade over time.

Are PrismCaps compatible with my keyboard?

PrismCaps are made for MX stem mechanical keyboards, including the SteelSeries Apex 5, Apex 7, Apex 7 TKL, Apex Pro, and Apex Pro TKL. PrismCaps also feature two additional sets of bottom row keycaps that are compatible with most mechanical keyboards from other brands, such as Razer, Corsair, Ducky, HyperX, etc.

Delivering best-in-class compatibility, durability, and dynamic RGB lighting, SteelSeries PrismCaps are available in both black and white colors.

Typing never looked this good.

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Want to chat about how you would style your PrismCaps? Head on over to the official SteelSeries Discord server.