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Playing Overwatch On Switch: What You Need To Know

Nintendo fans can finally get in on the action now that Overwatch has dropped on Switch. Before you jump in feet first, here are three things you need to know:

Gyro Controls

Source: Nintendo

Overwatch uses the Nintendo Switch's gyro aim controls, much like in Splatoon. This may prove helpful or a hinderance, depending on your playstyle, internet connection, and hero of choice. McCree players may find his "shoot, roll, stun, and fan the hammer" combo a bit clunkier than usual, for example.

If you give it your best shot (pun intended) but gyro's just not your thang, motion controls can be edited in the “Controls” section of the Options menu. Just scroll down to "Gyro" to disable/enable motion controls or aim assist.

Communication is Key

Don't be shy, say hello... without the Nintendo app! Source: tenor

Overwatch is just one of a handful of Switch games that has voice chat built-in. We may not have cross-play just yet, but at least you don't have to stray from Blizzard's dedicated servers. That being said, this game relies on teamwork and quite a bit of strategy, so don't be afraid to communicate with your teammates.

New to the game? Not sure what "capping," "back-dooring," or what it means to have a "pocket" hero? Brush up on some Overwatch lingo!

You can also find some communication tips on our blog.

Listen Up

Anyone who's ever played a shooter knows that sound is incredibly important for survival and strategy. Make sure to choose a headset that fits comfortably, offers clear sound, and a high-quality microphone. If you plan on waving your Switch around using Gyro controls or simply taking your frag session on the road, consider using wireless headphones so you don't trip over wires. If you do, pay attention to sound delay, as even a split-second can cost you the game.

The new Arctis 1 Wireless headphones offer ultra-low latency lossless wireless sound and a Discord-certified ClearCast noise canceling detachable microphone so both you and your teammates can communicate without interference.

The Arctis 1 wireless headphones connect easily to your Nintendo Switch via USB when docked or via USB-C when using the handheld unit or Switch Lite.

Have fun!