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Moving Out Guide

You ready to lift some objects as quickly and efficiently as possible? Get a team and get moving with Moving Out!

Moving Out is one of the most fun multiplayer party games out there. In a couple of frantic minutes per stage, either a solo player or their hapless friends must pick up objects from a list and move them onto a truck. Hilarity ensues, windows break, and vases shatter, as you and your friends throw couches and navigate more and more complex houses.

In collaboration with Team17, we'll prepare you to move out more efficiently than you ever think you could!

Moving Out Game Guide and Tips

Moving Out Controls Reference

Moving Out Controls

Default Layout:

  • Left Stick: Move
  • X: Throw/Slap
  • Circle: Jump
  • Triangle: Hints (shows you what items you need to put into the van, and in co-op, it will tell you how many people need to pick up an object)
  • R2: Grab
  • L2: Grab
  • D-pad: 4 Emotes
  • Options Key: Pause

Moving Out Guide

In the main game, there are 30 levels. Each level has a few objectives, as well as a hidden console. You may sometimes need to replay the same level to get all the objectives. The game can be played solo, and adjusts appropriately to the number of players.

  1. You need to load everything into the truck, but you have to be smart about it. Stack the bigger items first and in the back. Worry about the small things later.

  2. You can pivot around corners when lifting things with a friend.

  3. Break windows to make moving out easier.

  4. You can use a jump throw technique to throw light objects further.

  5. Coordinate with a teammate to throw a bigger object by grabbing it on opposite sides.

  6. Figure out an efficient system with your teammates by assigning them to certain section or roles.

  7. Check out and adapt to the environment of each level. Sometimes, it will be good to throw something rather than run around to deliver it, so make sure there is a person on the other side to catch it.

Moving Out Hidden Console locations

We'll provide you with the locations of the first few hidden consoles in Moving Out, one per stage (after the certification).

  1. Behind the bush to the top left of the truck
  2. By the grill that's on the top left of the stage
  3. By the pink hammock, in the back garden
  4. Left of the fridge on top of the kicthen counters. Hidden behind a wall.
  5. In the bathroom, beside the bathtub.

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Moving Out Paradise DLC

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  4. Paste in or enter your key to redeem it.

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