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Introducing the Arena Gaming Speakers

Transform your gaming space into an epic gaming Arena with brand new speakers from SteelSeries. Let's take a look at our new lineup of gaming speakers.

It's a historic day for SteelSeries. Our audio specialists are extremely proud to bring a new dimension to your immersive gaming experience. As not all of us want to use headsets every time we engage in our favorite hobby, we knew gaming speakers are the answer.

With that, we bring you 3 very different gaming speaker products to fulfill your need in a way that works for you. But no matter which selection you make, the signature quality of SteelSeries sound ignites your play sessions into something truly remarkable.

Introducing the Arena 3 Gaming Speakers

Arena 3 Gaming Speakers

The Arena 3 is a great starting point for gamers who want immersive sound without having a ton of space for speakers (perfect for dorms and similar!). Here are the features:

  • Massive 4" Drivers — These speakers may be small, but they pack a powerful punch. These are some of the biggest drivers in speakers for gaming, so that you hear full ranges of crystal-clear highs, vibrant mids, and powerful bass.
  • Easy Setup — Simply plug in the universal 3.5mm cable to invite the award-winning SteelSeries sound.
  • Bluetooth Wireless — Be your own DJ with your phone as the speakers are Bluetooth-compatible.
  • Convenient Controls — All the controls are within your reach -- adjust volume, mute, toggle LED and headset connection, and pair using Bluetooth
  • Headset Toggle — Now you can plug in both your wired headset and the speakers, and then switch between them with the press of a button. No more switching cables.
  • Adjustable Stand — The speakers come on a stand that you can tilt up and down for the optimal listening position.
  • Audio Customization — Our SteelSeries Sonar Software allows you to magically alter every aspect of the sound you hear, tuning it just the way you like it -- or to give you advantages in games with certain presets.

Introducing the Arena 7 Gaming Speakers

Arena 7 Gaming Speakers

Now, I know some ears will perk up when they hear the word "subwoofer." If you're ready to step up your gaming space, the Arena 7 is a 2.1 speaker system that includes two speakers and adds a subwoofer.

  • Two-Way Speaker Design — Each speaker features an organic-fiber subwoofer and a silk-dome tweeter. They work in unison to emit a rich soundscape of mid frequencies and clear highs.
  • 6.5" Subwoofer — Fire up a deep bass to give that theater-like experience in your very own living room for an immersive experience.
  • More Connections — Connect via USB to your PC, Mac, or PlayStation, or use the optical and 3.5mm jacks for your phone, tablet, and TV. Bluetooth is also available, just like in the 3.
  • RGB Lighting — Yep, these speakers are LIT. Set up an ambient lighting show that reacts to your game screen and music!
  • Software Features — The Arena 7 works with Sonar Software to simulate surround sound with Sonar Spatial. Also, use Acoustic Echo Cancellation to remove audio feedback from your mic.

Introducing the Arena 9 Gaming Speakers

Arena 9 Gaming Speakers

If you're looking for the full loadout, you've come to the right place. This is the ultimate setup for your living room or gaming space to have totally immersive, full-on surround sound. This is a 5.1 gaming speaker system that includes the powerful 6.5" subwoofer from the Arena 7 and also the reactive RGB lighting, but there's more...

  • 5.1 Surround Sound — In a world-first invention, experience full 5.1 surround sound for gaming over a single USB connection on PC.
  • 6 Speakers — The Arena 9 includes 2 front and 2 rear speakers, a dedicated channel speaker, and the aforementioned 6.5" subwoofer for a symphony of gaming sound.
  • Wireless Rear Speakers — The 2 speakers in the back connect wirelessly to the front, so there isn't a cable running across your gaming arena.
  • Control Pod — Your very own control device with an informative OLED screen that allows you to adjust volume, mute, turn on 5.1 Upmix, headset toggle, audio customization, and more!
  • Software Features — Just like the Arena 7, the Arena 9 is also backed by powerful features from Sonar Software, such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation and a 10-band, Pro-grade Parametric EQ.

The Perfect Mic for the Arena Gaming Speakers

Arena Wireless Mic for gaming speakers.

Alongside the Arena speakers, we are launching the Arena Wireless Mic. The supercardioid mic works great for the Arena 7 and 9; its open-ear design makes it easy to hear the outgoing sound, and the noise-cancelling functions keep you in touch with your teammates. It's extremely comfortable and it comes with a SoftFlex earhook that has three interchangeable sizes.

It's a historic day for SteelSeries, and we invite you for the journey. Find your Arena.