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How to Survive in Sons of the Forest

The sequel to the famed The Forest is nearly out, and lots of players are jumping in. If you want to have a better experience, get prepared with these must-know tips.

The survival horror game and follow up to 2014's The Forest is out now. Ready for more adventures in the dark with the cannibals? The Sons of the Forest refines the formula by adding changing seasons, an AI companion, and lots of gameplay refinements.

If you want to survive and do well, you'd do yourself a service by reading and sharing these tips with your group.

Where to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Shovel location

Chances are that you'll stumble across diggable spots in the game. But one does not simply craft a shovel. Nor is it that easy to find.

In order to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest, you'll first need the rebreather. It's hidden all the way to the north by the coast, inside a cave.

The next thing you need is the rope gun, which is also in a cave, off to the west of the mountain.

The shovel will be inside a cave closer to the mountain. You'll see three bodies near the entrance, which is barred by a few planks that you can break. Keep adventuring through the cave, which has a lot of water, until you'll find the shovel near the end, by a dead body.

Conserve your ammo

Although there are guns in the game now, it would be wise to spare using them as much as possible unless you really need them. Conserving ammo for a tougher fight is essential, especially when you will want to head to more dangerous caves.

Also keep in mind that the "locals" will attack you less if you don't attack them on sight, so use that to your advantage in the beginning.

Remember to not waste ammo on animals or other easy targets that you can kill with your bow or spear. Don't forget to pick your arrows too!

Use the AI companion

AI companion Kelvin Sons of the Forest

Make sure to find something to do for Kelvin at all times. Don't just leave him at the crash site!

He can do a lot of useful things and busy work for you, like gathering basic materials. Always keep him occupied. And if you really don't need him to do anything, you can still make him follow you.

Kelvin isn't the only AI companion in the game. You can also find Virginia out in the wild, who is a three-legged and three-armed mutant. She can learn to use multiple weapons at the same time, so she is more effective in combat than Kelvin. So in total, there are two companions in Sons of the Forest.

Note the changing seasons

Sons of the Forest Winter

Brand new to Sons of the Forest are seasons, so you will actually enter winter this time around. Berries will disappear from bushes and you suddenly might find yourself starving. Fewer animals will be out, the locals might not pursue you far during winter, giving you that breather. They have the same winter struggles as you do.

Make sure to prep for winter by gathering extra food and storing it. Note that salmon in the rivers are plentiful in the spring and summer, so take advantage of that.

Sons of the Forest Release Date

Sons of the Forest release date Steam

The initial release date of Sons of the Forest is February 23rd, 2023. That is the Early Access version of the game, which has up to 8 players. The developers plan to keep the game in Early Access for 6-8 months.

Ready to tackle the Sons of the Forest in horror gameplay? Make good choices! Oh, and if you're looking to play with friends, don't forget to pick up a good gaming headset such as the Arctis Nova 7.

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