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How to Get Weekly Spark in WoW Dragonflight Season 4

With Season 4, getting the weekly Spark is slightly different than before. Here's how you can get it.

Time to get back into the weekly grind! Sadly, no alt help for this kind. Each of your characters can earn the new Season 4 Spark of Awakening for doing weekly activities in Dragonflight. You need this new Spark to craft even higher ilvl items for this Season. Let's get started with the main Weekly Quest, which you always pick up from the same NPC by the fountain in Valdrakken.

Do the Season 4 Weekly Quest

As usual, do your weekly Dragonflight quest to earn important rewards, once per character. This time, it's one of three rotating zones. You don't actually have a choice as to which you'll do. Note that you may receive only half a Spark for doing these, so you'll get a Splintered Spark of Awakening.

Blizzard actually confirmed that you get a full Spark in the first week (half for the Weekly Quest, and half from other sources). Going forward, you will be able to earn a Splintered Spark each week, so a half. At the very least, you can immediately craft something powerful this week, but then you'll have to wait a bit to progress with your gear.

The tasks are slightly different in Season 4:

Wow Dragonflight season 4

Dragon Isles - Last Hurrah: Dragon Isles

  • Complete the Community Feast event
  • Complete a Grand Hunt
  • Lay siege to Dragonbane Keep

You'll have to do each of these events! Someone in Wowhead comments said that you only have to do 1 task at the Community Feast in order to count for this, but you might as well do the Feast quest while you're there.

Zaralek Caverns - Last Hurrah: Zaralek Caverns and Time Rifts

  • Complete the Researchers Under Fire event
  • Loot a Secured Shipment from a Suffusion Camp
  • Help Soridormi dispel a Time Rift

Amirdrassil - Last Hurrah: Emerald Dream

  • Gather 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence
  • Earn 50 Bloom during the Superbloom event
  • Complete 1 Superbloom event
  • Plant 3 Dreamseeds in the Emerald Dream

Make sure to pick up the Amirdrassil weeklies in the zone as well, to get even more rewards for planting the seeds (you'll need to plant 5 total). You know the drill.

Wow weekly rewards

Random Dungeon Drop

When you finish a Mythic dungeon, you have a chance to obtain a Splintered Spark of Awakening as part of the loot at the end. Great to catch up with if you're behind on Sparks, especially if you prefer running Mythic+ dungeons!

Other Activities

You can also get a Splintered Spark of Awakening for participating in PvP activities, such as Battlegrounds or Arenas. Check the boxes that you receive as rewards for wins. The weekly PvP quest from Malicia can get you one too, if you haven't gotten it from other sources.

Upgrade your gear to even further ilvl in Season 4 of Dragonflight. There's a host of new challenges for you, including revised Awakening Raids, which will rotate over 2 weeks.

Images from MMO Champion, PTR version of the server

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