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How To Get Honey in Minecraft

Need to collect some honey in Minecraft? Here's how to collect the delicious amber liquid.

There are a variety of important elements found throughout the world of Minecraft. In addition to items like wood and diamond, you'll also have meat and, as of Minecraft's 1.15 update, honey. Now that bees have been added to the game, you'll be able to collect their most important export: honey.

But how do you go about collecting honey? It's simpler than you may think. If you're playing Minecraft and looking for how to find and utilize honey, we've got everything you need to know about going about that process here.

How to get honey in Minecraft

Some bees buzzing around in Minecraft.Source: Mojang

If you want to find honey in Minecraft, you should first locate a beehive. Make sure you have a Silk Touch tool with you if you want to go about breaking it apart. But be advised that, even if you seek out a beehive in a flower or forest biome, just hitting it until it breaks apart may not yield you any honey.

You'll want to first make sure you find a beehive that you can see honey on. Don't hit one without actual honey on the outside. You'll also want to make sure you can hear a dripping sound coming from the beehive. Look for some honey on the ground nearby, and you'll know you've found the place to start harvesting.

A jar of honey in Minecraft.Source: Mojang

When you find the beehive with honey, take out a glass bottle and shears. You can shear honeycombs from the hive. That can be used for decorative items later, or a beehive. If you use a glass bottle, however, you'll get a bottle of honey. Collect four honey bottles to get a honey block. You can consume honey to regain hunger points and cure Poison if you find your character has been affected by the status ailment. It's useful to keep a few honey bottles around for this reason.

If you decide to make a honey block instead, you'll need three glass bottles to do so. Using a honey block will slow down enemies and keep them from reaching you as quickly. You can also use them to slow down your fall to reduce fall damage.

But even though honey has several uses in Minecraft, it's still relatively simple to collect. Just make sure you don't go after the beehives that aren't ready for you to harvest yet -- you don't want to get caught up with angry bees getting on your tail, after all.

Now that you have an additional material, you can get out there in Minecraft and have an additional line of defense against monsters as well as another crafting material. It's easy enough to use, so get out there and enjoy collecting honey!

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