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How to Gear Alts Fast in WoW: Dragonflight

Looking to quickly get a new character up to speed? Here's how to quickly gear an alt character.

Though there's plenty of time left in Dragonflight, some of us have been taking the time to level up our alts. While the mains have probably geared up through the Amirdrassil raid, Mythic+, and other activities, I know I've been in the mood to level up some older characters.

There is a quick way to gear up an alt and get them up to speed, so read on to find out, and see a couple of other helpful tips as well.

How to Gear Alts Fast in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Wow vendor location

An existing vendor has a new method of quickly gearing up your alts! Located right in the center of Valdrakken, simply talk to Lindormi, who stands right by the big staircase, near the portals do Mythic dungeons. Talk to her and click "I want to buy something from you."

WoW alt gear fast

You can buy a "Dreaming Equipment Chest" from her, which contains a 441 ilvl piece of gear that is "Account Bound," so you can mail it to any other of your characters. It is for level 70 toons. The purchasing character needs to have an M+ score of at least 1,000.

Note that unfortunately, you cannot target which gear slot you'll get. So you might have to buy many of these; they cost 350 Flightstones, so that may not be too bad if you're capped at 2,000 with your main character. They can contain anything from weapons to trinkets, so you'll just have to see what you get.

Tip: If you didn't get a keystone on your character (for example, because you missed out on the Great Vault and didn't do any activities), you can tell her that you've "misplaced your Keystone" and you will get one!

Quick Gearing Through 60-69

WoW vendor timewalking

There is an easy way to gear up a leveling character if it happens to be a Timewalking week. As you do Timewalking dungeons, you will earn Timewarped Badges. You can exchange those very cheaply for a couple of rare pieces of gear (not every slot). This will be a nice boost.

Another great way is through professions. So whatever type of gear your class wears: Tailoring for cloth, Leatherworking for leather and mail, and Blacksmithing for plate. All these pieces will come at a pretty high ilvl too, so craft everything that you might need. It will boost your leveling speed, so it's definitely worth it.

Timewalking gear world of warcraft

How to Level Quickly in Dragonflight

Timewalking leveling wow

As mentioned above, if it happens to be Timewalking week, that is a great way to level. Timewalking dungeons give a larger burst of experience for completion than regular Dragonflight dungeons, and they're usually much easier and faster! Everything dies very quickly in those. This is probably the fastest and smoothest way to level up instead of doing regular Dragonflight content.

Timewalking happens every 3 weeks, and it rotates throughout 6 expansions: Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and Legion. Keep an eye out on the calendar for those.

You can also take advantage of crafting boost experience. Squeeze as much experience out of this as you want; everything that you haven't crafted yet has a "first time craft" experience boost. You can even unlearn the profession and switch to another one and craft more! Depending on your gold resources, (and it's really not that much in any case) spend some and can you easily get at least half a level from doing some of this.

Otherwise, you'll have to stick to a mix of regular questing with DF dungeons. Always do Bonus Objectives in areas, as they give a ton of experience.

Have you leveled up and geared all the alts you want yet? We're looking forward to future adventures in Azeroth! Make sure to do them geared up with a keyboard like the Apex Pro TKL Wireless or a MMO gaming mouse Aerox 9 Wireless.

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