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How to Change Your Emblem in Halo Infinite

Learn how to change up your emblem in Halo Infinite so you can give other players a glimpse at your personality.

Halo Infinite is the latest explosive entry in the Halo series. Ever since its multiplayer component launched early ahead of the full game, players have been putting in long hours, grinding to make sure they bag all of their Battle Pass rewards. There are plenty of cosmetic rewards at that, so there are opportunities to customize your Spartan to your liking. One way to do this is by changing your nameplate or emblem. Your emblem is what others see attached to your tag in Halo Infinite multiplayer, If you’d like to change that all-important tag to make sure others see exactly what you want them to in-game, we’ve got everything you need to know about doing just that here. Life’s too short to have an emblem that you hate, after all.

How to change your emblem in Halo Infinite

A glimpse at some of the emblems available in Halo Infinite.Source: 343 Industries

Emblems are a major part of Halo, first introduced back in Halo 2. They're an important part of your in-game identity, and as such many Halo entries have placed a lot of stock in ensuring players have everything they need to make the emblem of their choice.

If you want to change the one you've currently set, or have no idea where to customize it, you'll first want to go to the Customize menus and start poking around there. Decide which item you want to add your Emblem onto and head there: the Weapons Bench for guns, the Armor Hall for armor, and the Vehicle Bay for vehicles.

Once you arrive in one of these areas, choose the item of your choice that you want to add an Emblem to. Choose the "Mod" option, then scroll all the way to the right to see the Emblem slot. Choose the Emblem you want to use, then you can customize its coloring with the Emblem Palette.

Your selection of Emblems won't be as robust as you'd like early on in the game. But you'll be able to continue unlocking more as the game wears on. You'll just have to make sure you complete missions, liberate FOBs, and work on your battle pass. There are a few to choose from at the onset of your journey, so you'll still have a quick way to customize your emblem at first.

Be sure to also head into your Nameplate customization section of your Spartan ID menu. You'll want to edit your emblem here as well, so others can see it. Change color here with the Emblem Palette option too. With these options, you’ll be able to ensure your Spartan has all the customizations you need to face your opponents proudly and tell them exactly who you are. Just because you’re wearing a helmet, that doesn’t mean you need to suppress your personality, after all.

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