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How to Get Noticed as a Digital Artist

Are you looking to make a name for yourself in the digital art world? Here are my tips.

I recently partnered up with SteelSeries to create a special limited edition mousepad featuring my digital art. Here are some tips for how you can get noticed too.

Brock Hofer's SteelSeries QcK mousepad design with a SteelSeries mouse on top

How to build your art portfolio and get noticed

The best way I’ve found to make an interesting portfolio is to create the things you want to make in your free time that may catch the attention of whomever you’re trying to work for.

It helps if you enjoy what you’re making too, so don’t pursue personal projects that you wouldn’t want to actually create for a client.

Showcase work on your site that you’d be willing to make for someone else and you’ll get a lot more out of that experience.

Brock Hofer "Hellboy" monster art

How to partner with big brands and games

Like the section above, if you want to work with bigger brands target the ones that share your interests or who you think might find your work appealing.

It may seem daunting to approach big companies directly, so that’s where social media can help out a bunch. Tagging the brands with your artwork can be a great way to grab their attention if they’re on the lookout for something new.

Brock Hofer CS:GO monster art

Apps you need as a digital artist on a budget

When starting out, use whatever you can afford.

It may be tempting to try and go for the expensive gear that you see bigger artists using, but in all honesty, you don’t really need any of that stuff to get ahead. It’ll most likely lose you money right out the gate and discourage you from continuing to pursue art.

I started out with an 80$ Wacom tablet that I used for 4 years and I never felt constrained by it. Work within your means and you’ll figure out what you actually need to get stuff done.

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