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How Cross-Play Works in Overwatch

Heroes never play alone, especially now that Overwatch has finally gone cross-platform.

At long last, Overwatch players on all platforms have the chance to jump online and enjoy the game together. Though the team-based shooter has been around since 2016, Blizzard has only just released the update needed for players across various consoles and PC to join each other's games.

Now that cross-play is finally available, you're probably jonesing for a little friendly competition with buddies on PS4 or PC, but there's a bit of a process you have to go through first.

Here's everything you need to know about turning Overwatch cross-play on and joining your pals in-game, no matter what console lines previously divided you.

How to turn on cross-play in Overwatch

First things first: You're going to need a account. Even if you don't play on PC, this is imperative. Head on over to to get started, so you can either create or link your own account to the platform you're going to be playing on. For those already playing on PC, cross-play will automatically be available to enable so you can start inviting friends into your games from other platforms.

Once you've gone to and created a free account, you'll need to head to your Account Settings. While there, choose "Connections." You'll find an area to link the console of your choice there. Once your console has been linked, you can move to opening the game on the system you want to play with and make sure you follow another set of instructions.

The Blizzard website where you'll enter the code given to you to link accounts for console play.

After you've launched Overwatch on the console you wish to play on, go past the normal welcome splash screen, and you'll be given a code comprised of letters and numbers as well as a QR code. Write the code down and head to to confirm that this is the console you want to add to your account. Alternatively, scan the QR code with the mobile app of your choice on your phone or tablet, and you'll be taken straight to that page. The code you were given will automatically be populated in the text field.

When there on either your computer or mobile device and you've filled out the code offered to you, it's time to log in with your account. Once you've done so, you've officially created a link between console and credentials. You will receive a message notifying you that you've done so successfully. What's next? It's time to play, of course!

Now that you've joined your account and your Overwatch game on the system of your choice, you can start playing with your friends on other platforms. Heroes never die, and the more the merrier! With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, you're going to need all the practice you can get.

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