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How to Ace Every Game in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Forget taking a few strokes off of your golf game. These tips will get you on the path to victory in no time.

After taking something of a hiatus from the game of links, Mario and his friends are back once more for a rousing game of golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and all your favorite Super Mario characters are ready to compete in the most exciting golf games the industry has seen since Hot Shots Golf.

But you can't expect to immediately be an expert in this brand-new Switch game. Don't worry, though. That's why we're here. We'll equip you with all the knowledge you need to jump in and play the best game of Mario Golf you possibly can.

Here are some of our tips to help you ace any game of Mario Golf: Super Rush you play, whether you play with friends you know in real life or new friends you make online.

Check your flag indicators

Mario is lining up his shot at the beginning of a hole.Source: Nintendo

While you're setting up your swing, look out for the arrows that appear near the direction of your shot. They'll appear right beside a flag indicator, upward or downward. This means the flag is either uphill or downhill so you can tailor the power behind your drive (or putt, depending on where you are) accordingly. Keep an eye out for symbols like these and you'll be a pro in figuring out how to proceed in no time.

Watch your max distance before taking a shot

An overview of a hole that shows your ball's max distance.Source: Nintendo

When you look at your golf course from an overhead view and cycle through your clubs, you'll be given a radius that indicates the ball's "carry." The carry will show you the distance that the ball is estimated to travel when you use a certain club. There's also a faded white ring around the edge of the radius to check. It represents where the ball will roll -- your potential max distance. Make sure to take all of this into account when deciding on a club and how much power to use.

Finesse your shot gauge

A glimpse at a player about to launch a shot using the gauge on the right of the screen.Source: Nintendo

The shot gauge is how you control how softly or powerfully your players can hit the ball with their clubs and putters. You hit it once to start the gauge and the second time to start it. But you don't want to hit it at max power every single time. There are plenty of times in which it might be more appropriate to tap the ball a tiny bit or rein in how far you hit it. Always check the distance from your player to the hole to determine whether you need to max out your gauge or if you're good where you stand.

Choose your character according to your play style

A look at the character selection screen from Mario Golf: Super Rush.Source: Nintendo

Each golfer has their own unique stats, max distance, and special abilities you can use throughout each course. It's a good idea not to pick the character with the max distance possible, but one that you'll feel comfortable hitting the green with. For instance, Luigi's max distance is 211 yds in terms of power, but he can freeze the ground on impact when firing off shots. Mario's max distance is 220 yds, but he can blast away others' golf balls on impact. You'll need to decide what's more important to you.

Now, get out there and put Waluigi in his place! He's looking a little smug. It's time you bag a birdie and dunk on him with your golf game.

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