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How to Clean Your Headset

This guide is an approved headset cleaning method from our product team to keep your gear free of dirt and grime.

Entering the new year, we remain connected at home more than ever. Whether that's for work meetings or long Discord hangouts, chances are your headset could use some maintenance.

You may not think about it much, but your headset is likely one of the dirtiest peripherals you use on a daily basis.

Hours of sweaty moments, clutch plays, and stressful teammates can all build a lot of crud on your earpads. Luckily, gaming headsets are not very difficult to clean. Here's how:

You will need:

  • A bit of mild dish soap mixed into warm water (not too foamy)

  • Brush

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Q-tip


  1. If you have removable earcups, carefully remove them from the headset.

  2. Add a little soap to some warm water.

  3. Dip the cloth in the water/soap solution, and wring out as much moisture as possible. You don't want any drips of soapy water getting into your headset.

  4. Wipe away grime on your headset by working in gentle circles.

  5. If your Arctis has one, you can remove the adjustable headband and wash it by hand or throw it in the wash, then let air dry before reattaching to the headset.

  6. For the removeable earpads, the cleaning methods differ by material:

Leather: Carefully wipe with a moist microfiber cloth and let fully dry before reattaching them to the headset

Velour: The material for these can be tricky to clean, but all you need is some tape. Rub the earpads together in circles in order to displace and push any lint together. Use some sticky tape to pluck all the lint out of the pads. If your velour pads are on the sweaty side, soak them in a warm water solution with a bit of soap. Squeeze out remaining moisture and allow to dry completely before reattaching them to the headset

AirWeave or Mesh: Gently remove the cover from the inner foam material. Wash the AirWeave or mesh with warm, soapy water, and allow to airdry completely before reattaching the foam.

Done! Repeat as often necessary, and enjoy your clean headset.

Note: While we don't recommend them, if you do choose to use sprays, wipes, or any other cleaning and disinfecting products on your equipment, please carefully read all labels to ensure safe and correct use for both your belongings and your own health.

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