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How to Choose the Right Giant Desktop Mousepad

How to measure your desk and decide which desktop QcK mousepad is right for you.

Benefits of a desktop-sized mousepad

Giant mousepads that cover your entire desk are popular lately, and for good reason.

RGB PC desk setup with QcK 5XL Prism mousepad and other RGB peripherals

Not only do they look great and give your setup a clean look, they're very practical. Here are some common desktop annoyances:

  • You run your mouse off your mousepad while gaming
  • You are trying to use your mouse from a different place than your usual seated position
  • Your keyboard or monitor sits partially on your mousepad, causing them to be uneven or unstable

All of these can be solved with desktop-sized mousepads, which provide:

  • Unlimited tracking space for gaming
  • Ability to use your mouse from any part of your desk
  • An even surface for your keyboard, monitor, drink, etc.

Measuring your desk

If you want to find the perfect fit for your desk, you'll need to look up the dimensions of your desk, or simply break out a ruler or tape measure and check the length and width (in millimeters or inches) of the desk space you're looking to cover.

We specifically sized our desktop mousepads to fit some of the most common desk size offerings from IKEA.

Here are the QcK dimensions in both millimeters and inches, for reference:

QcK 3XL and QcK Prism 3XL:

  • 1220 mm long (48 inches)
  • 590 mm tall (24 inches)

QcK 4XL and QcK Prism 4XL:

  • 1220 mm long (48 inches)
  • 762 mm tall (30 inches)

QcK 5XL and QcK Prism 5XL:

  • 1600 mm long (63 inches)
  • 800 mm tall (31.5 inches)

To RGB or to non-RGB?

QcK Prism 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL mousepads floating in space next to QcK 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL mousepads

If you're looking for bare bones performance benefits and no frills, go with the non-RGB QcK.

If you want some extra features or are going for a colorful aestheic, go with the RGB QcK Prism Cloth, since it looks great on stream and photographs well. It also makes a great gift for the RGB fans in your life.

You can customize the RGB versions of the QcK mousepad to sync with your other SteelSeries gear, and even react to games and notifications. It's a cool feature, but it's entirely up to your budget and preference. You can learn more about the RGB features on the SteelSeries Engine Apps page.

Ultimately you know in your heart whether or not RGB is right for you.

Small or irregular shaped desk?

If you can't find a desktop QcK to fit your desk, we encourage you to explore all sizes of standard QcK mousepads and RGB QcK Prism Cloth mousepads.

Various QcK mousepad sizes and shapes, some with RGB, floating in space

View all mousepads to see the full lineup of QcK designs and styles.

Great gift for PC gamers

Even if you're not in the market for one yourself, a desktop QcK is a great gift for the PC gamer in your life. To make sure you nail the sizing, casually ask what desk they have, or measure it yourself if you have access.

Why pick QcK?

The SteelSeries QcK mousepad is the gold standard for gaming mousepads, used by gamers around the world for over 15 years. World championships are won with the very same QcK mousepads that you can game on at home.

The quality, performance, and dependability of the QcK mousepad is unmatched thanks to its unique micro-woven cloth. With over 10 million sold, the QcK is even imitated by knockoff brands and fakes trying to capitalize on its reputation.

Line art of S, M, L, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL QcK mousepad size comparisons

I hope this answers your questions about desktop QcK mousepads and helps you pick the perfect one! Make sure to check out the entire line of desktop QcK mousepads.

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