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Is Your SteelSeries Mousepad Real or Fake?

The SteelSeries QcK mousepad has become so popular that numerous fakes have emerged. Here's how to tell if yours is legit.

The SteelSeries QcK has become the gold standard for gamers around the world thanks to its precision performance and reliability.

With such a simple visual design, it's super easy for knockoff brands to print the sniper logo on a cheap mousepad and sell it as a SteelSeries QcK. While we do everything we can to catch and report fakes to Amazon and other vendors, some still manage to trick unknowing customers.

So how can you be sure that your mousepad (or the one you're looking to buy) is truly SteelSeries?

Which mousepad do you have?

Generally, knockoff brands don't try to copy our more unique mousepads like the QcK Prism, or a special or limited edition mousepad that we've done with a game, artist, partner, or team.

SteelSeries QcK GFUEL edition mousepad

So, if you have SteelSeries-branded mousepad that isn't the standard black QcK, chances are that it is legitmate. Some of the verification methods below don't apply to our non-black mousepads.

However if you have or are looking to buy the standard black QcK mousepad, read on!

SteelSeries logo

SteelSeries QcK black mousepad with sniper logo Most current SteelSeries mousepads simply have the sniper logo, and not the word "SteelSeries".

FaZe SteelSeires mousepad with correct logo bold style

However, some of our mousepads (like this official FaZe QcK) do say "steelseries" underneath or next to the sniper logo. A loose indicator of authenticity is to check the bolding of the logo—it should read steelseries (our current styling, with the "steel" in a slight bold).

It should only say steelseries if your mousepad is very old, since this was our pre-2014 logo style, so be wary buying a new SteelSeries mousepad that has this very old logo style.

Logo positioning

All SteelSeries mousepads have the sniper logo in either the bottom left or bottom right corner of the mousepad. If the logo is located elsewhere (like a top corner), chances are that it's not made by SteelSeries.

Refer to any of the images in the article for the correct layout of the logo, with lines extending out the top and left side of the logo. If the logo is shaped differently (upsidedown, sideways, etc.), it's probably not real!

Underside watermark

On the back of any black QcK mousepad, you should see a faint watermark pattern of repeating SteelSeries sniper logos with no text.

Underside of a SteelSeries QcK with SteelSeries logo pattern

This pattern is typically only found on the standard black QcK mousepad, so don't panic if you have a different mousepad without the logos.


For our standard QcK mousepads, the best indicator that something might be off is if your mousepad arrives in non-SteelSeries packaging, like a plastic sleeve or unmarked box.

SteelSeries QcK box packaging

We have both full color and plain brown or black/white cardboard packaging styles, but they will always say SteelSeries and have product info on them.

Non-SteelSeries packaging is fine for any special or limited edition products, since knockoff brands don't tend to copy these. It's primarily the standard black QcK that gets faked.

Where not to buy

Be careful buying plain black QcK's from any unofficial online vendors. For example, be wary purchasing on Ebay or from non-SteelSeries vendors on Amazon. While it's absolutely possible to get real products this way, there's also a much higher risk, and you should take care to check that the product meets the above qualifications for logo, underside pattern, and packaging.

Amazon product page that reads "Sold by Trustworthy Seller 69"

Don't forget that fakers can use legitimate product photos online, but send you a fake product.

Where to buy safely

"Ships from Amazon" and "Sold by Amazon" page on Amazon

We hope this helps you to make smart mousepad buying decisions and get yourself an authentic SteelSeries QcK!

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