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How to Be a Better Ally in Gaming

This Pride Season, we are partnering with The Trevor Project to help support their vital mission of ending LGBTQ youth suicide. Through an amazing force of volunteers, Trevor does this by providing 24/7 crisis counseling via phone, text, and chat.

At SteelSeries, we are committed to inclusivity, accessibility, and equality in gaming, and we strongly endorse The Trevor Project's stance that it is incumbent upon all of us to help create safe, inclusive environments where LGBTQ members of our communities can feel supported.

According to research conducted by The Trevor Project, more than 1.8 million LGBTQ young people in the U.S. seriously consider suicide – and at least one LGBTQ young person attempts suicide every 45 seconds. Those are staggering numbers, but Trevor’s research also indicates that LGBTQ youth who reported having at least one LGBTQ-affirming space had 35% reduced odds of attempting suicide in the past year.

Even just one person, one voice, one helping hand, or some extra love in the chat can make a profound difference.

LGBTQ youth who have at least one LGBTQ-affirming space are significantly less likely to attempt suicide

We spoke with Kevin Wong, Vice President of Communications at The Trevor Project, for some tips on how gamers can ensure that they are practicing authentic allyship to the LGBTQ community:

  • Include and center LGBTQ experiences and voices either as you play a game, in the chat, or on your social media. Amplifying their voices is an authentic way to share their unique experiences with the world.

  • Educate yourself about LGBTQ people. Learning about LGBTQ identities directly from reliable sources, such as The Trevor Project's resource page, can make it easier to be an ally.

  • Learn about and respect pronouns. Respecting the language that gamers use to self-identify their gender is not only polite, it can save lives. Using chosen names at home, at school, at work, and with friends can reduce depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, and suicidal behavior. Read about names and pronouns so you can normalize respecting them while you're gaming.

  • Use your platform. It's okay to use your platform to support LGBTQ people and to help educate others about LGBTQ identities. When LGBTQ gamers see this, it can make them feel seen, valid, and loved, and they'll know they are not alone. However, it is also important to know when to let others speak, and when to raise others' voices.

To learn more about The Trevor Project and their work, visit

We will be supporting The Trevor Project and celebrating Pride throughout the month of June. Keep an eye on our Twitter for Pride giveaways and pick up our limited edition Arctis Pro SteelSeries For Pride speaker plates (with all profits from the speaker plates going to The Trevor Project).

For Pride speaker plates

Also, make sure to tune in for our Twitch streams during the month of June; all revenue from SteelSeries’ Twitch streams will go to The Trevor Project, with SteelSeries matching all donations.

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