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How to Customize Your Keyboard for Pride Month

Did you know you can easily re-create your favorite Pride flags and colors using SteelSeries Engine? Here's how.

Represent Pride with RGB

SteelSeries Apex keyboard next to 12 LGBTQ+ flags

Step 1

Open SteelSeries Engine and select the gear you want to customize:

SteelSeries Engine product selector showing Apex 5, Arctis 7, and Rival 3 (Apex 5, Apex 7, and Apex Pro keyboards have per-key customization.)

Step 2

Let that RGB creativity flow! 🌈

Gay pride flag colors recreated on an Apex 5 in SteelSeries Engine

You can either hand select colors, or enter the exact HTML color hex codes:

SteelSeries Engine color selection tool

Red: #FF0018
Orange: #FFA52C
Yellow: Hex: #FFFF41
Green: Hex: #008018
Blue: Hex: #0000F9
Purple: Hex: #86007D
Find this and other flag color schemes over on

Tweak the color effects - they don't just have to be static! You can also customize how each key reacts when you press it, as well as set AFK effects when not in use.

Step 3

Edit your OLED screen with text, an image, or gif. Here's one you could use:

SteelSeries logo next to the word "PRIDE"

If you're artisitically talented, you can write or draw your own message. For the rest of us, Google Image Search is a lifesaver. Try searching "pride pixel gif".

Here we've chosen an animated spinning heart gif:

SteelSeries Engine OLED editor with heart drawing (Try the "dither" and "invert" options to help make your gif look good!)

P.S. Here's a wallpaper you can use to really complete the look:

SteelSeries logo on a rainbow background

The Trevor Project

Pride Month is about a lot more than RGB, of course. Celebrate with us and Show Your Pride with SteelSeries as we stream throughout the month.

This Pride Season, we are partnering with The Trevor Project to help support their vital mission of ending LGBTQ youth suicide. Through an amazing force of volunteers, Trevor does this by providing 24/7 crisis counseling via phone, text, and chat.

All revenue from SteelSeries' Twitch streams during the month of June will go to The Trevor Project, with SteelSeries matching all donations. Also keep an eye on our Twitter for Pride giveaways.

The Trevor Project 2022

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