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Hades 2: Weapons and Aspects List

Here's our guide that overviews weapons and aspects of Hades 2. Find out what you're missing and how to get it!

In the treacherous realm of Hades 2, victory is a delicate balance of countless factors. While the blessings of the Olympian gods and the power of cherished Keepsakes can tilt the scales in your favor, the true crucible lies in your mastery of the game's formidable arsenal. Each weapon, forged from the depths of the Underworld, demands unwavering skill and strategic adaptation. Whether you wield the relentless fury of the Witch’s Staff or the precise lethality of the Moonstone Axe, your choice of armament may very well be the lynchpin that separates triumph from eternal torment.

How To Unlock All Weapons in Hades 2

hades 2 weapons

Unlocking all the weapons and aspects in Hades 2 can be a confusing process at times. Acquiring weapons is quite straightforward and will be unlocked as you progress through the story. Gathering the proper materials for them will require countless attempts to defeat Chronos. This guide aims to provide clarity on exactly how to unlock each of the five currently available weapons in Hades 2.

Hades 2 has five unlockable weapons and can be unlocked using the following Materials and each weapon moveset.

Witch's Staff: Obtained by default
Sister Blades: 1 Silver from Erebus with Crescent Pick
Moonstone Axe: 15 Silver
Umbral Flames: 3 Silver & 3 Cinder from Hecate
Argent Skull: 2 Glassrock from Fields of Mourning & 1 Bronze from Ephyra

Witch's Staff Moveset

Standard AttackThe Witch's Staff combo consists of two quick jabs followed by a stronger finisher. You can dodge between the second jab and finisher by mashing the attack button
Ω Omega AttackAfter charging, a linear long-range attack fires towards Melinoe's front and back. It releases automatically once charged and consumes 20 Magick
Standard SpecialA homing projectile with slight knockback
Ω Omega SpecialCharging fires a large, explosive line projectile that detonates on contact. Can be held after charging. Costs 10 Magick

Sister Blades Moveset

Standard AttackFour-hit combo: two swipes, flurry of stabs, sweeping strong attack. Allows quick dash between stabs and sweep to reposition
Ω Omega AttackCharging places a reticle to teleport and deal high damage. Charge can be held to reposition before launching
Standard SpecialA rapid, linear ranged attack where Melinoe throws a dagger at the target
Ω Omega SpecialCharges a fan of daggers to launch at groups or hit large enemies multiple times. Charge can be held to adjust angle

Moonstone Axe Moveset

Standard AttackThree-hit axe combo: 40 damage, doubling each hit to 320 total.
Left >right > then charged overhead swing. Able to dash during final swing to reposition it
Ω Omega AttackCharging the attack makes Melinoe spin, striking nearby enemies once per rotation. Spin duration depends on charge time
Standard SpecialA frontal block negating projectiles and attacks, similar to the previous (Hades 1) shield
Ω Omega SpecialCharged block attack releases a massive forward wave of strikes across the arena, spreading outward

Umbral Flames Moveset

Standard AttackFires linear projectiles continuously while holding the attack button. Quantity over quality, ensure every hit lands!
Ω Omega AttackHolding the attack fires a continuous stream of projectiles, consuming a small amount of Magick per shot
Standard SpecialFires a tracking, spinning projectile around Melinoe that provides a speed boost
Ω Omega SpecialFires two rotating projectiles spinning around Melinoe as a fixed point

Argent Skull Moveset

Standard AttackThrows 3 Shells in facing direction, hitting enemies in a small radius. Must retrieve Shells before throwing again
Ω Omega AttackHolding attack throws a single, higher-damage Shell in an aimed direction with wider radius
Standard SpecialDamaging lunge attack in a direction, similar to dash but without invincibility frames
Ω Omega SpecialExtended lunge with destructive waves on both sides, lunging farther

How to Unlock Aspects in Hades 2

hades 2 weapon aspects

While you'll start with just the basic versions of each weapon in Hades 2, an incantation can eventually be unlocked that allows you to acquire powerful Weapon Aspects — alternate versions that modify the weapons to better suit your preferred playstyle.

Once unlocked, this incantation can be cast at the cauldron using 5 Bronze and 1 Nightshade, granting access to the Aspect selection at the Training Grounds weapon circle. Each weapon begins with Melinoe's default Aspect, but multiple additional Aspects can be unlocked for every armament by obtaining the required resources outlined in our comprehensive guide. Mastering these Aspects and their unique upgrades is key to maximizing your chances of overcoming the challenges that await in the Underworld.

Witch's Staff Aspects

AspectDescriptionMaterials Required
Aspect of MelinoeChannel your Ω (Omega) attacks fasterAvailable by default
Aspect of CirceAfter landing 21 attacks or specials, gain Serenity on the next Ω (Omega) Attack used● 5 Silver
● 5 Lotus
Aspect of MomusWhenever you use Ω  (Omega) Moves, each Ω (Omega) fires in place up to 3 times until used again● 2 Lime
● 1 Pearl

Sister Blades Aspects

AspectDescriptionMaterials Required
Aspect of MelinoëYour Attacks and Specials deal more damage when striking foes from behindAvailable by default
Aspect of CirceWhile you your attack, you occasionally parry and riposte after● 15 Silver
● 1 Glassrock
Aspect of MomusYour specials seek enemies in your cast and you fire more blades after channeling● 1 Wool
● 2 Shaderot

Moonstone Axe Aspects

AspectDescriptionMaterials Required
Aspect of MelinoeGain Bonus Attack Power and Max Health this nightAvailable by default
Aspect of CirceYour cast lasts +3 seconds and erupts like your Ω (Omega) cast if struck by your Ω (Omega) special● 5 Pearl
● 1 Obol Points
Aspect of MomusYour Attack is faster and each hit grants Mortality until you take damage● 3 Glassrock
● 1 Darkness

Umbral Flames Aspects

AspectDescriptionMaterials Required
Aspect of MelinoeFlames from your Ω (Omega) special burn longer before expiringAvailable by default
Aspect of CirceYour attacks linger for six seconds and erupt in a blast if struck by your specials● 2 Bronze
● 2 Tears
Aspect of MomusYour Ω (Omega) attack fires a Daybreaker that deals damage in the surrounding area every 2 Seconds● 2 Driftwood
● 2 Golden Apple

Argent Skull Aspects

AspectDescriptionMaterials Required
Aspect of MelinoeYour attacks have increased power for every skull shell that you fire that's not yet retrievedAvailable by default
Aspect of CirceAttacks stay within reach, then explode in a large area on impact or after three seconds● 4 Iron
● 1 Nightshade
Aspect of MomusAny damage you deal generates Glory, witch enhances your Ω (Omega) Special● 1 Moss
● 5 Poppy

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