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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day 2022 is on June 19th. It's time to start thinking about what your Dad needs... right now!

As Father's Day is coming up in just over a week on Sunday (because the strongest days are Saturday and Sunday, while the rest are weekdays), it's time to start thinking about a gift, if you haven't yet. Taking shipping into account, now is the best time to buy something from SteelSeries, whether that's a cool new electronic or a great accessory. What Dad doesn't love that?


Shoutouts to everyone telling me this is my father throughout my life.

The Dadliest Catch: For the Snazzy Gift

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

If you really want to treat your dad, get our newest flagship gaming headset. With unparalleled audio quality and high-tech convenience features like simultaneous 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth, this is something he will surely geek out over. He can take it wherever he wants as it works great with any device for wireless listening, but if he's home a lot, he'll surely appreciate the active noise cancellation. As many dads either game or work from home, it may be important to pay attention to surroundings, so the added toggle for transparency mode is essential -- no more lifting one earcup to hear anything going on in the house!

Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard

Apex Pro

This keyboard, on top of fancy RGB illumination, has individually adjustable actuation per key. That's a lot for any dad to tinker with, but that's easy with SteelSeries GG. Help your dad keep up with you in the games that you play. Also, honestly, just tell him that the frame is made from the same aircraft-grade aluminum that's used in jets. That should be more than enough.

Gaming... but in Bed?

Most dads are tired, both from work and caring for you. Some can only find gaming time at night, before sleep, in the quiet comfort of their beds. Worry not, because we have solutions even for those kinds of dads.

Gaming Controller Stratus+


The Stratus+ is perfect for gaming anywhere, even when lying on those plush, silky sheets, tucked in. With its long battery life, your dad could easily tear up the competition (or enjoy some wholesome single-player gaming) in many of the top Android games. The included phone mount makes it ideal for gaming in many positions.

Arctis 7P+ Gaming Headset

Arctis 7P+

Another common method of getting some late-night playtime away from the TV is with the Nintendo Switch. To achieve some dad quality gaming in peace, the Arctis 7P+ is an awesome option from our headsets (and more affordable than the Arctis Nova Pro). With the multiplatform dongle, easily hook up to most systems for some great audio in gaming. No cables, no hassle, and 30-hour long battery life with fast charging.

Equipment for Dads

Looking for some cool dad accessories? We have a bunch that he'll love.



You simply can't go wrong with our Qck 3XL. The micro-woven fabric prevents slipping and movement, and the cloth helps the mouse perform accurately. The black is stylish and should match most setups; however, we also have a wide range of other gaming mousepads in various sizes and designs.

Scout Backpack

Scout Backpack

Perhaps nothing says "Dad" more than a backpack. Our Scout Backpack is roomy and adventurous, perfect for carrying precious gear such as laptops with a 15.6" padded compartment. It's also water resistant! Gear up! Store up on some candy. Dads always have some Twix up their sleeves.

Black Prismcaps

Black Prismcaps

This is a great opportunity for some tinkering as well as a perhaps much-needed keyboard refresh. These universal doubleshot PBT keycaps are extremely durable, and the special translucent design allows the RGB lighting to shine through. There's also a white and a pink version available.

Tusk In-ear Gaming Headset

Tusk In-ear Gaming Headset

For those who prefer something more subtle, the Tusk in-ear gaming headset is perfect for mobile phones. With the 3.5mm jack, it works with any platform that has it, and it also includes a microphone. Dynamic sound drivers grant a headset-like experience without having the bulk.

Wishing all the dads out there a Happy Father's Day on June 19th!

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