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Exploring the Apex Pro Mini White Gold in Depth

For those who value aesthetics but don't want to neglect performance, we've created the perfect product. If you're considering this keyboard, read in more detail about its craftsmanship.

You often had to sacrifice performance for aesthetics, but Apex Pro Mini Prebuilt: White Gold Edition does not compromise. We've fused the well-known, cutting edge performance of our Apex keyboards and developed a whole new signature look for you. With OmniPoint 2.0 switches, state-of-the-art speed meets a brand new White Gold finish composed of brass and aluminum.

Let's take a deeper look into this premium keyboard offering, only at SteelSeries.

Craftsmanship Details

CNC Aluminum Bottom Case

Premade keyboard

Unlike a typical Apex Pro Mini, which features a durable and lightweight black ABS plastic bottom case, the White Gold Edition features custom-crafted material. Forged from aluminum, the process for it is entirely different.

The bottom case has been milled from a single block of aluminum by a CNC machine (think of them as computer-controlled, precise drills). Carved out with utmost accuracy, the shape you see is a culmination of high-tech machinery and engineering.

As a result, the increased weight adds a satisfying, stoic feel to the keyboard. Not only it won't slide (it also has the signature Apex Pro non-slip rubber feet), but there's a certain substance to its chassis.

To achieve the smooth, consistent white finish, we used an e-coating method (Electrophoretic Painting). This was a conscious choice over anodization, which is often used with metals, because this vivid, stark white wouldn't be possible.

On the back, you'll find an added weight forged from brass. Polished and glossy, it’s a subtle yet impactful finish to the bottom case of this keyboard.

Apex Pro Mini White Gold

Your serialized collector's number, unique to your Apex Pro Mini White Gold, is found there.

Brass Top Plate

Fancy premade keyboard

Our Apex Pro Mini keyboards feature extremely durable aluminum top plates. With the White Gold version, a special top plate from brass connects the overall theme of the keyboard.

To the typing-sound-philes out there: the higher density of brass over aluminum produces a deeper keypress sound, which you may find more satisfying.

While they're both extremely durable metals, brass is even more so. But above all, it's about the aesthetic. The brass top plate peeks from below your keys, complementing the white with a shining gold.

Typing Feel

Premade keyboard

Typing feel is difficult to convey, but we understand how important it is. Due to the rigidity of the brass plate, keys feel and sound more “solid” when bottoming out. This is because the dense brass plate absorbs the impact of the keypress better than aluminum, producing a deeper, more satisfying sound.

Bottoming keys is much more impactful than on other keyboards, so you can really feel executing a powerful command, whether that's Enter to send an important email or the W key to begin your adventure.


Apex Pro Mini White Gold

We would never want to leave you cordless, so every Apex Pro Mini includes a braided USB-C to USB-A cable in signature SteelSeries black.

Complete the look of your Apex Pro Mini White Gold with a matching Coiled Cable. This is a premium, double-sleeved and braided cable in white with gold accents.

The cable features standard USB-A to USB-C connectivity, but also includes a 5-pin aviator detachable connector for quick and easy disconnects. A unique coil runs parallel to the keyboard, creating a clean and organized look on your desktop. With greater durability and a matching design, it's the ideal accessory to the White Gold version.

Keep in mind that only 250 of these beautiful units have been created, so don't hesitate to pick up an Apex Pro Mini Prebuilt: White Gold Edition while supplies last. It's the ideal fusion of performance and aesthetics, and we're extremely excited to launch this product.

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