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Diablo IV Expansion Release Date and Info

Blizzard has released a lot of information regarding the Diablo IV Expansion, Vessel of Hatred. Let's break it down!

Over a year has passed since the release of Diablo IV, and we couldn't be more excited to hear some details. We've gathered all the information you need to know about as we await the release of Vessel of Hatred.

Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred Release Date

The first Diablo IV expansion is coming out on October 8th, 2024. Looks like fall gaming will have lots of demonslaying!

New Class in Diablo IV

Diablo 4 spiritborn

"Prepare to embody the Spiritborn." Themed around the jungles of Nahantu, which are probably near the famous Kurast from Diablo II, the new Spiritborn looks like a native of those lands. There is not a lot of information yet on how the class plays. In the video, the Game Director mentions that we will love "the flow of the character." I would surmise that there's an entirely different resource system (Spirit from Diablo III makes a return?). The character could be a mix of high mobility and melee with some Witch Doctor abilities.

There will be a Spiritborn Class Reveal stream on July 18th, so we'll just have to wait until then.

For all the details, refer to the Blizzard Vessel of Hatred release blog post.

Pets are here now!

Diablo 4 pets

While the Expansion shows a few pets that will become available, this "mechanic" is actually available in the game now! A much-requested feature, Pets are companions that don't fight, but provide the cuteness factor and pick up materials for you. That's right, all the gold and crafting materials will now be automatically picked up for you!

The pets will even pick up Aberrant Cinders!

In order to unlock them, you'll receive a quick quest upon logging in, telling you to go to Kyovashad. Interact with the marked "well-behaved dog" and that will complete the quest. Next, go to your Wardrobe (where you can customize your looks) and there is a newly unlocked Pets tab now. Pick the pet you want and click "Confirm Look."

More Pets will be available over time, and a few more unlock with pre-purchasing of Vessel of Hatred editions.

Mercenaries Return

Diablo 4 mercenaries

Looks like we Mercenaries come back as sort of permanent "pets" that we sort of experienced already with the Seneschal Constructs. Blizzard calls them "powerful allies who grow in power as they progress and each are equipped with unique abilities."

If it's anything like the past, there will be a few classes to pick from (perhaps we can find a good Crusader or Knight?) to aid our class with defense, making enemies Vulnerable, putting debuffs on enemies, etc. The assumption is that the Mercenaries go away when you're no longer playing solo.

Based on the image from Blizzard, there will be a tanky guy with a shield, a Barbarian, a ranger, and a sort of Satyr mage.

New Abilities

There will be various updates to the game and its mechanics. We'll see some kind new dungeon that will require teamwork, new skills, more Paragon Boards, and even Legendary Glyphs. There will also be new Dungeon types and rewards from the Tree of Whispers.

New skills sound super exciting; Frost Trap for Rogues, anyone? Maybe Cold Meteors on Sorceress? It will be great to see the base skilltree get expanded and fitted with new options.

We can't wait to hear more details about the Spiritborn class and what the new game activities entail. Stay tuned for more information. Don't forget to set up the best Diablo IV sound settings with SteelSeries Sonar.

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