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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Prismatic Subclass Guide

Destiny 2's new expansion introduces entirely different strategies than before. Let's break down how you can control Light and Darkness to your advantage.

Freestyle like never before in Destiny 2: The Final Shape's new Prismatic subclass. Your Hunter, Titan, and Warlock will remix their playstyles in a whole new way.

The Prismatic subclass in Destny 2: The Final Shape allows you to wield both Light and Darkness, utilizing abilities across five damage types. Unleash your true self and create the dream combination of abilities you've always wanted. This subclass removes many barriers; you may, for instance, equip all movement abilities, even those that were bound to specific subclasses.

Craft your own set of skills for the most stylish or most optimal build (why not both) that you've always wanted. Some of the Aspects have been tuned or adjusted, depending either on how much they've been used, or due to the special interactions that haven't been possible before. Mainly, some of the damage type requirements from a few specific skills have been loosened.

Prismatic Hunter

Prismatic hunter destiny 2

You get to choose different Light and Darkness abilities from each column below. Pick your favorites from each category and enjoy mixing and matching elements to unleash devastating combos upon your foes.

As you venture through The Pale Heart of the Traveler, you will unlock additional abilities, Aspects, and Fragments. Some of them remain as post-campaign quests and others will be hidden collectibles in the world. Experiment and change up your build as you see fit.

Starting means that these abilities will be included in your starting build during the first mission of The Final Shape.

SupersClass AbilitiesMovement ModesMelee AbilitiesGrenade AbilitiesAspects
Storm’s EdgeMarksman’s Dodge (starting)High Jump (starting)Combination Blow Arcbolt Grenade Ascension 
Golden Gun: MarksmanGambler’s Dodge (starting)Strafe Jump (starting)Knife Trick (starting)Swarm Grenade (starting)Gunpowder Gamble  
Silence and Squall (starting)Acrobat’s Dodge (starting)Triple Jump (starting)Withering Blade (starting)Duskfield Grenade (starting)Winter’s Shroud (starting)
SilkstrikeBlink (starting)Threaded SpikeGrappleThreaded Specter
Shadowshot: DeadfallSnare Bomb Magnetic Grenade Stylish Executioner (starting)

Prismatic Titan

Prismatic titan destiny 2

SupersClass AbilitiesMovement ModesMelee AbilitiesGrenade AbilitiesAspects
Twilight ArsenalTowering Barricade (starting)High Lift (starting)Shield ThrowSuppressor GrenadeUnbreakable
Thundercrash (starting)Rally Barricade (starting)Strafe Lift (starting)Thunderclap (starting)Pulse Grenade (starting)Knockout (starting)
Bladefury (starting)Thruster (starting)Catapult Lift (starting)Frenzied Blade (starting)Shackle Grenade (starting)Drengr’s Lash (starting)
Hammer of SolHammer StrikeThermite GrenadeConsecration
Glacial QuakeShiver StrikeGlacier GrenadeDiamond Lance (starting)

Prismatic Warlock

prismatic warlock destiny 2

SupersClass AbilitiesMovement ModesMelee AbilitiesGrenade AbilitiesAspects
Song of FlameHealing Rift (starting)Burst Glide (starting)Incinerator SnapHealing GrenadeHellion
Nova Bomb: Cataclysm (starting)Empowering Rift (starting)Strafe Glide (starting)Pocket Singularity (starting)Vortex Grenade (starting)Feed the Void (starting)
StormtrancePhoenix Dive (starting)Controlled Glide (starting)Chain LightningStorm GrenadeLightning Surge
Winter’s Wrath (starting)Blink (starting)Penumbral Blast (starting)Coldsnap Grenade (starting)Bleak Watcher (starting)
NeedlestormArcane NeedleThreadling GrenadeWeaver’s Call

Transcendence in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Rise to new heights with Prismatic subclass. More than just mixing and matching abilities across the board, you will also have access to a new power. A new bar below your Super energy meter fills up.

Deal damage with specific subtypes to fill both the Light (Arc, Solar, Void) and Darkness parts of the bar (Stasis, Strand). Kinetic damage fills a bit of both.

Once it's full, you can activate Transcendence: your melee and grenade energy instantly refill and refresh faster. Dealing damage with one of them increases the regeneration rate of the other. Your weapon also deals more damage, while you take less.

New Grenade Types in Transcendence

Additionally, you have a new Light and Darkness grenade while using Transcendence.

Hunter: Hailfire Spike

Hunter grenade Destiny 2

Stasis and Solar damage grenade; slowing storm that turns into a cyclone

Titan: Electrified Snare

Titan grenade Destiny 2

Strand and Matter damage grenade; suspending burst with damage over time and a chain lightning effect

Warlock: Freezing Singularity

Warlock Grenade Destiny 2

Void and Stasis damage grenade; suppresses and slows targets

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