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How To Find Death Stranding's Horizon Zero Dawn Easter Eggs

Now that Kojima Productions' former PlayStation 4 exclusive has arrived on PC, it's time to dive back in for a Horizon Zero Dawn-themed Easter egg hunt.

Ready to jump into Death Stranding now that it's come to PC? You might be excited to learn that you've got plenty of Easter eggs to look forward to – namely, some from the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, which is also making its way to PC in the near future.

Playing through Death Stranding is an entertaining affair on its own, but it's made even cooler by all the fun nods to pop culture in terms of music, gaming, movies, and more. But how do you get to the Horizon Zero Dawn content?

That's exactly what we're here to help you with. Here's how you can watch two great games collide as you hunt for Horizon Zero Dawn Easter eggs in Death Stranding.

How to find Horizon Zero Dawn Easter Eggs in Death Stranding

Sam stares up at a Tallneck hologram from Horizon Zero Dawn seen in Death Stranding.Source: YouTube

Death Stranding follows Sam "Porter" Bridges as he undertakes the massive task of reuniting a fractured country – one that used to be the United States.

Along the way, Sam delivers various types of parcels as he works to connect citizens across the nation to a futuristic type of internet connection referred to as the "Chiral Network".

On Sam's way to his various destinations, he can repair or upgrade structures on the way, such as bridges and towers. Doing so will ultimately assist other players as well as raise Sam's Porter Grade, which goes up the more missions, repairs, and upgrades Sam completes.

Once Sam reaches Level 2, you can start unlocking special holograms that you can place around the structures you build or repair. These range from soldiers waving to you, or even protagonist Aloy herself from Horizon Zero Dawn.

If you want to unlock these holograms and more, you're going to have to track down the Craftsman character and start completing missions from him, which will gradually unlock additional holograms.

How to find the Craftsman in Death Stranding

Sam follows his navigation to the Craftsman's dwelling on the map.Source: YouTube

You'll have to complete a number of missions for the Craftsman, and it'll take some time to gather all the cargo he wants. You'll have to wait until around Order 21 until you'll get the opportunity to fulfill a few orders for the Craftsman where you'll travel to find items called Lost Cargo from MULE camps.

Sam interacts with the Craftsman's hologram before delivering cargo.Source: YouTube

How to find the Watcher Hologram in Death Stranding

Eventually, doing these missions in addition to fulfilling other Craftsman order will raise his Connection Level to 3, and he'll be added to the Chiral Network. When you reach Level 3, you'll unlock the Watcher Hologram. The Watcher is a reconnaissance machine seen in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can now place it at any structure to greet other players.

Sam stands near a Watcher hologram.Source: YouTube

How to find the Aloy Hologram in Death Stranding

You'll unlock the Aloy hologram at Level 4. She looks just like she does in Horizon Zero Dawn, unsurprisingly, and will greet visitors. It's admittedly cool to see her in Death Stranding.

Sam stands by an Aloy hologram on the main field map

Source: YouTube

How to find the Tallneck Hologram in Death Stranding

At Level 5, you'll get the Tallneck hologram. They resemble giraffes with large plating on their heads, and they're meant to act as communication facilitators in Horizon Zero Dawn with other machines.

Sam stands near the giraffe-like Tallneck hologram

These are all of the special Horizon Zero Dawn holograms you can unlock. Have fun setting them up across the world of Death Stranding!

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