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How to Trigger Custom Lighting Effects in Rainbow Six: Extraction with GameSense

We worked closely with Ubisoft's developers to integrate a ton of Rainbow Six: Extraction in-game events with GameSense, linking you directly to your Operator.

The operators in Rainbow Six: Extraction have adapted their abilities and evolved their loadouts to take on deadly new challenges, like facing a fiercely relentless army of Archaean enemies. Each operator has inherited unique gadgets to the fight, going beyond what you could ever do in Rainbow Six: Siege.

And just as the operators have evolved, so has your SteelSeries gear. You can now activate the Rainbow Six: Extraction app inside SteelSeries Engine, and see your lighting transform.

Developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, SteelSeries gear now will react to specific gameplay events and operator conditions, including their abilities. This includes your keyboard pulsing orange while taking down a nest, or seeing gleaming red lighting when an operator's down. Download SteelSeries Engine for free today to explore all the actions.

Read on to learn how to activate the app, preview effects, and get a full list of the events we support.

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How to enable SteelSeries GameSense for gameplay

Getting reactive lighting on your gear is easy. All you have to do is make sure that you have the latest version of SteelSeries Engine installed, which you will find inside our SteelSeries GG platform.

Within Rainbow Six: Extraction

  1. Launch the game
  2. Within the Options tabs, click on General
  3. You’ll see a Game menu, hover over SteelSeries Dynamic RGB and click On

Rainbow Six: Extraction options

Important Note: Before RGB effects can be configured in Engine, they must be activated within the game itself.

Inside SteelSeries GG:

  1. Click on Engine
  2. Go over to the Apps tab and find Rainbow 6: Extraction in the list of games
  3. Toggle the switch on, and you’re all set!

Enable Rainbow Six: Extraction in the SteelSeries Engine apps menu

Note: You cannot configure the triggers yourself. We know, there's a pesky little button there that suggests otherwise but it won't work. So save yourself the headache of trying and enjoy the cool, custom made lighting made by the actual game devs instead.

Featured GameSense lighting effects

Here’s some of our favorite lighting effects for certain categories. See the full list below.


Refilling Health While doing so, you’ll see a blue wave roll across your keyboard from left to right, mimicking the boosting of the HP bar

Enemy Attack When you’re hit by corrosive acid or caught in the blast of explosive green creeps, your keyboard pulses green.

Operators and Their Abilities

Operator - Loadouts Your keyboard pulses red each second, during the final five seconds of the countdown (from time expiring or everyone confirming their loadout).

Operator Ability - Pulse Your keyboard will display continuous red waves while their ability is out, as a cardiac senor would.

Operator's Menu

Selecting Operators Your keyboard lights up yellow when hovering over available Operators; orange if selecting injured Operators; and red for those who are MIA.

An overview of all available events

In addition to the effects featured above, here’s the entire list of SteelSeries GameSense illumination lighting events in action:

Intros and menusKeyboard lighting description
Available, inured and missing in action OperatorsLights up yellow when hovering over available operators; orange selecting injured operators; and red for those who are MIA. This also happens when selecting Operators before the game starts.
Operator selection countodwnPulses red each second, during the final five seconds of the countdown (from time expiring or everyone confirming their loadout)
GameplayKeyboard lighting description
Nest destroyedPulses orange when taking down a nest or growth
Boost healthWill display a blue wave from left to right (mimicking boosting of the HP bar) when refilling health
ReinforcementShows white waves while setting up and interacting with barriers, or reinforcing walls (once channeling is complete)
Acid damagePulses green when getting hit by corrosive acid or getting caught in the blast of explosive green creeps
Knocked downLights up red when an Operator is down
Low healthGlows orange when an Operator is low on health
RevivePulses blue if an Operator is revived
Knocked downDisplays waves in white if the Operator is knocked down
FlashPulses white if the Operator is flashed
RootedGlows dark purple while your Operator is rooted
Controlling droneGlows green if the Operator is in his drone
Operators and abilitiesKeyboard lighting description
IQPulses blue when activating the ability
PulseContinuous red waves while the Operator’s ability is out (like a cardiac sensor)
VigilGlows white while Operator’s ability is active
LionPulses yellow for the duration of the Operator’s ability (should match the pulses)
FinkaGlows blue while the ability is active
JackalPulses blue when activating the ability
EchoGlows green (same green when in a rolling drone) while echo is in Operator’s drone
TachankaGlows white while Operators are using Tachanka’s turret

You're the #1 Operator, after all

Don’t be shocked if your operators are more effective than ever because you feel more responsive to what they’re experiencing in-game.

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