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Best Side Button Gaming Mouse for Fortnite

The Rival 5 is an ergonomic 9-button mouse with 5 quick action side buttons designed for top speed in Fortnite. Here's how to customize it for the game.

If you spend a lot of time chasing after victory in Fortnite, you probably already know exactly how you want your mouse set up to accommodate each of your moves. You've got an idea for which button should help you fire, which needs to get building going, and which is your best bet to change through profiles.

When you're set in your ways when it comes to controls, you want a mouse that can help deliver. In this case, it's the new SteelSeries Rival 5, the best side button gaming mouse you can use if you're looking to make a huge splash in Fortnite.

Why the Rival 5?

Rival 5 mouse The Rival 5 gaming mouse is a singular solution that works across multiple genres of games. It's able to change things up to make sure it can take care of players, no matter what game they're into. That includes battle royales, shooters, MOBAs, and more.

That means the Rival 5 is a superb option for customizing the controls in the games you play the most often, like Fortnite. Have a blast customizing each button to your liking, including a 5-button side panel that comes with a toggle switch for those twitch shooting sessions.

You also get the TrueMove Air Sensor on board, which offers deadly accuracy, true 1 to 1 tracking, and elevated performance. It's a great fit for every hand.

How to set up the Rival 5 for Fortnite

A diagram of the configuration you can use for Fortnite with the Rival 5. If you pick up a Rival 5, you'll want to set up the buttons to your liking, at least in terms of the games that you play. Use the Rival 5 to set up a custom button orientation for Fortnite and see how many times you can stack Victory Royales.

1 (Left Click): Fire

2 (Right Click): Scope

3 (Scroll Wheel): Building Edit

4 (Middle Button): Cycle Profiles

5 (Side Button): Stairs

6 (Side Button A): Repair/Upgrade

7 (Side Button B): Floor

8 (Side Button C): Wall

9 (Side Button D): Trap

With the Rival 5, you can set up a control profile that works for you. There's a set of button functions for everyone that can help secure a win, so it's best to figure out what's best for your style of play. That's the beauty of this model -- it's going to be able to accommodate just about anything you need, so don't be afraid to mix and match button combinations.

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Want to chat about how the Rival 5 can help you up your game? Be sure to join the SteelSeries Discord to chat it up with fellow community members.