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The 5 Best Games To Play This Halloween

Gear up for Halloween with some of the most terrifying games around.

It's that time of year again. There's a chill in the air and the wind is starting to howl. And if you listen really closely, you'll hear the call of a twisted few games that are just dying for you to happen upon them. They're the few, the proud, and the spooky. And now that Halloween has rolled around, it's time to unleash them once more into the night. The scariest night of the year is right around the corner, and if you're itching for some truly nightmarish gaming sessions alone or with friends, your pals here at SteelSeries have you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a ghoulish good time.

Until Dawn

What's it like to control the characters in a horror movie? You can find out with the gory stylings of Supermassive Games' suspenseful Until Dawn. Before its creepy Dark Pictures Anthology, the developer's Until Dawn scared the daylights out of players who followed a group of teenagers stranded at a snowy retreat as they slowly fall to a mysterious force hellbent on claiming their lives. Told from multiple perspectives, the cinematic adventure is an adrenaline rush. You'll need to complete quick time events in the blink of an eye, solve puzzles, and keep your wits about you if you want everyone to survive the night.

Back 4 Blood

If you've been missing the mayhem of zombie apocalypse simulator Left 4 Dead, the original developer Turtle Rock Studios has the spiritual sequel you've been waiting for. It's not quite Left 4 Dead 3 like everyone's been asking for, but it's the next best thing, and builds on the Left 4 Dead series' premise in a big way. Team up with friends, strangers or even bots and set out on a quest to rid the city of the shambling undead. Strategize to take out more difficult enemies and leave a blood trail in your wake. All that matters is getting out alive, and taking out a few hundred of those undead meatbags with you. It's kill or be killed, and unfortunately you're also on the menu.


Do you believe in ghosts? You might after jumping into Phasmophobia. It's all about hunting -- and communicating -- with ghosts. But be forewarned, this isn't Casper you're dealing with. You'll have to track ghosts down in spooky houses to figure out exactly what kind of spirits you're up against and either find out what they want or exorcise them. This may require you to speak into the microphone and hear them talk back, and even let them write to you. Oh, and it's usually totally dark with few lights to help guide you. If that sounds like your kind of night, then you'll be awash in Phasmophobia's spectral glow in no time.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

It's Leon Kennedy's first day on the job as a newly-minted police officer in Raccoon City. He's just joined the RPD, and wouldn't you know it, he's already got to deal with a burgeoning zombie apocalypse. As they overtake the city, Leon must team up with Claire Redfield, in search of her brother Chris, while their paths intertwine and they work to get to the bottom of the outbreak. Love blowing zombie heads off and solving puzzles? Love Resident Evil? This love letter to the original PlayStation classic is tailor-made for you.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

This may be a controversial choice, but just hear us out. Silent Hill 4: The Room is one of the most terrifying entries in the series by a mile. Imagine being trapped in your apartment and finding a series of random chains and locks suddenly blocking you from your escape. Then watching holes to God-knows-where appear in the same apartment you can't escape. You can go through it, of course, but that leads to a totally different wormhole. Then the ghosts start harassing you -- and they can only be killed with specific objects. The horror never lets up, but if you're into being terrified every minute, you'll love sinking your teeth into this adventure.

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