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Best Breeding Combinations in Palworld

We have you covered with the best breeding combinations for Palworld!

While you will likely catch a majority of your Pals out in the wild in Palworld, you can add an impressive lineup of Pals to your party by breeding. The breeding process in Palworld can be complicated at first, but once you have a solid understanding of how it works, you’ll be able to breed just about any Pal you desire.

Breeding is arguably the best way to obtain late-game Pals far earlier than you otherwise would be able to if you waited to capture them in the wild. You can also use breeding to get optimal passive skills and stats for your Pals, making them superior in battle or as base workers.

However, before you can start breeding, you need to know how the process works and the best combinations that yield the strongest Pals in Palworld.

How breeding works in Palworld

For starters, let’s go over the breeding process as a whole so you know the basics of how to breed Pals. First, you’re going to need to craft the Breeding Station at one of your bases, which is unlocked in the Technology menu at level 19. As a note, you need plenty of space for the Breeding Station, so make sure you have ample room.

Once you’ve crafted the Breeding Station, you need to make a Cake. Strange as it sounds, Cake is the one ingredient you need to make two Pals breed together. Cake is only made at a Cooking Pot or any of the more advanced cooking stations. It requires the following ingredients to make:

  • 2 Honey
  • 5 Flour
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Red Berries
  • 8 Eggs

Palworld cooking pot ingredients

With these ingredients, approach your Cooking Pot and find the recipe for Cake. Click on the Cake recipe and you’ll begin to make the dessert. Unfortunately, the process of making Cake takes several minutes, so it’s recommended to have a high-level Kindling Pal working in your base so it can speed up the process. Even with a strong Kindling Pal, however, the Cake still takes a long time to make.

Whenever the Cake is ready, take it from the Cooking Pot and place it in the outside storage chest of the Breeding Station (located on the right side of the pen’s gate). Now that your Cake is in the chest, you need to assign two parent Pals to breed inside the station. One of the parent Pals needs to be male and the other needs to be female. Both of them also need to be assigned to whatever base has the Breeding Station in it.

You can individually assign Pals to the Breeding Station by going up to them in your base, clicking the “Lift” button, and then throwing them inside the Breeding Station. This might take a few tries, but eventually, both Pals should start breeding. You’ll know when they’ve started when you see the progress bar on the Breeding Station start to fill up with an orange border.

Palworld huge dragon egg

After some time, your parent Pals will produce an egg, which you can then take to an Egg Incubator. Place the egg inside the incubator and wait for it to finish incubating. When it’s done, hatch the egg and you’ll receive a level one Pal that’s entirely based on the two parent Pals you chose to breed.

Best Pal Breeding combinations

Now that you know how the breeding process works, we’re going to lay out eight of the best breeding combinations you can use to obtain extremely strong Pals. The combinations feature two Pals, which are the two parents you need to assign to your Breeding Station. It doesn’t matter which one is male and female, so long as they’re both in the station and have different genders. The breeding combinations aren’t in any particular order, but the first few are obtainable during the early-mid game in Palworld.

1. Rooby + Penking = Kitsun

Palworld Kitsun

Both Rooby and Penking are found very early on in Palworld and can be bred to make Kitsun, an extremely strong Fire-type Pal that’s also used in some advanced breeding combinations as well.

2. Vanwyrm + Foxcicle = Vanwyrm Cryst

Palworld Vanwyrm

Vanwyrm Cryst is a terrific Ice-type Pal that also serves as a flying mount in Palworld. Compared to its Fire-type counterpart, Vanwyrm Cryst is arguably more useful due to the lack of Ice-types in the early game.

3. Mossanda + Rayhound = Grizzbolt

Palworld grizzbolt

You might have to get lucky and hatch Rayhound from an Electric Egg and wait to capture a Mossanda at around level 20, but your patience will pay off when you hatch a level one Grizzbolt. Grizzbolt is a fantastic Electric-type and one of the best overall Pals in Palworld.

4. Incineram + Maraith = Incinceram Noct

Palworld Incineram

Incineram is already a menacing Pal, but when you add the Dark-type element to the mix, it becomes one of the stronger mid-game Pals you can have in your party.

5. Grizzbolt + Relaxaurus = Orserk

Palworld Orserk

While Orserk might seem like a late-game Pal, you can breed it once you reach roughly level 20 and you’re able to catch a wild Relaxaurus. Then, perhaps using a Grizzbolt you bred, you can easily obtain Orserk, another terrific Electric-type in Palworld.

6. Lyleen + Menasting = Lyleen Noct

Palworld Lyleen Noct

Now we’re starting to get into some late-game breeding combinations, but Lyleen Noct is worth the wait. Lyleen is already a strong Pal, but the Noct version is extremely strong in battle and possess a wide move pool.

7. Frostallion + Helzephyr = Frostallion Noct

Palworld Frostallion Noct

Another Noct Pal you can obtain through breeding is Frostallion Noct, which can’t be obtained until you’re nearly finished with the story of Palworld. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable addition to your party, especially when you pair it with the right moves.

8. Kitsun + Astegon = Shadowbeak

Palworld Shadowbeak

Rounding out the list is technically the final boss in Palworld, Shadowbeak. You might first encounter Shadowbeak at one of the Syndicate Towers on the map, but you can also breed one of your own once you capture Astegon and use your Kitsun from the previous breeding combination.

And that does it for the best breeding combinations in Palworld. There are dozens and dozens of other combinations you can discover for yourself, but the Pals on our list are some of the strongest in the game.

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