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Benefits of Ultra Lightweight Gaming Mice

Why would you want to use a lightweight gaming mouse? Here are a couple of reasons.

What exactly is an ultra lightweight gaming mouse? While there isn't exactly a defined consensus around this, reviewer sites like Digital Foundry believe that mice generally under 80g can fall into that classification. Let's take a deeper look into this.

Gaming Mice Weight Categories

Mouse typeTypical Weight
Heavy~90g or more
Lightweight~90g or less
Ultra light / super light~80g or less

What does ultra lightweight really mean?

While there are "Mini" mice out there (for example, check out our beloved Prime Mini), there are more ways to achieve that lightweight build without simply going for a small gaming mouse, as those are typically aimed for people with smaller hands.

This can be achieved in a couple of ways, but one big strategy is to go for the holey design. This perforated design has a couple of great benefits in our newest line of mice, which expanded the Aerox gaming mice. Among them, the Aerox 5 weights at a mere 66g.

  • The holey design makes the mouse build lighter
  • It allows the RGB to shine through, which is a really big plus on the Aerox 5
  • The interior circuitry is revealed, but that's not an issue thanks to AquaBarrier™

Aerox 5 Wireless

Why should I use an ultra lightweight gaming mouse?

The mouse is lighter, so what? Does lighter mean better? Generally, yes, there's a couple of great benefits. I've used a heavy MMO mouse in the past, and I notice an enormous difference between that one and the Aerox. It feels like pulling a weight across the mousepad.

  • One of the most important benefits is less strain on your wrist and hand. For an object that you use daily, reducing its weight plays an enormous part in relieving your hand from this pressure that could accumulate over long periods of time
  • Noticeable performance difference, as it's easier to make lighting-fast swipes and other motions necessary to dominate in your favorite gaming genre
  • It's what pros use, and again, reducing fatigue for long sessions is key here

What about the other stuff?

Aerox 5 Interior

As mentioned, the holey design is important, but it's not the only part that makes a gaming mice an ultra lightweight build.

  • The interior parts that bring the mouse to life matter; our engineers managed to slim the circuit board to be about 50% lighter than before
  • Similarly, we refined the battery in the Aerox 5 Wireless to weigh 14g less than that found in other typical multi-genre mouse
  • Other miscellaneous parts like light cables, 100% Virgin Grade PTFE Glide Skates contribute to a smaller weight

Durability is not a concern

There's no need to worry about durability with an ultra lightweight mice, particulary with any from the Aerox family. Despite the holey construction, the gaming mice are made from extremely durable materials that feel firm and solid when touched or squeezed.

Another thing to worry about is dust and dirt that could get inside and damage the precious interior of the mouse. However, each of our new Aeroxes has IP54-rating protection, which means that it's certified and tested to resist water, dirt, dust, and similar. AquaBarrier™ keeps your product safe from such everyday worries while letting that PrismSync RGB shine.

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