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Apex Legends Guide, Tips and Tricks

Tired of always spectating? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can stay alive and push forward to becoming a true Apex Legend.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale which drops players onto an intense battlefield. Paired in groups of two or three, fight to become the last squad standing. Players are dropped unarmed and must gather weapons and armor as fast as they can so that they can while battling in an ever-shrinking storm ring.

With these Apex Legends tips and tricks, you should be able to hold your own and consistently perform better in every match.

Play Legends that Feel Comfortable to You

Apex Legends Characters

Are you a “guns blazing” aggressive rush player? Do you like to hide behind walls and collect information for your team? These are all questions to think about when deciding which Legend may be best for you. At the time of writing, there are 22 legends available with each one falling into different team roles. Try out each Legend in the firing range to see what abilities or movement styles interest you.

Some personal recommendations: - Finding yourself outside the ring often? Fly towards the next circle with Valkyrie. - More of a sit and bait player? Load up your building with traps using Caustic. - Looking for a mobile defense? Build a fortified stronghold as Newcastle.

How to ping in Apex Legends

Apex Legends How to Ping

Even without a microphone or headset, using the in-game pinging system allows players to mark useful items and where they are located as well as inform their teammates of dangerous areas where enemies may reside.

In order to ping in Apex Legends, press your mouse wheel -- that's the default. If you hold down the mouse wheel, it will show you the radial menu. Select the right ping icon by moving your mouse, and then release the mouse wheel button. You can also press F to ping danger or the enemy.

A personal favorite feature within the ping system is the raised hand icon which shows whether a teammate requires the item on the floor. Keeping an eye out for this icon can boost efficiency and cut down on pings for items that your team may already have.

Knowing When and Where to Heal or Shield

Apex Legends Healing

Within Apex Legends, you can find yourself fighting often, which means having full health and shields is important. Always try to find cover to heal, since fighting while low can create lots of unnecessary pressure for yourself. Don’t be afraid to leave an area to heal if it is unsafe. It is always better to come back to a fight with full health rather than to try and heal in the middle of combat, especially since certain consumables take longer to apply than others.

  • Syringe: Heals 25 health / Takes 5 seconds to use
  • Shield Cell: Restores 25 shields / Takes 3 seconds to use
  • Med-Kit: Restores 100% of health / Takes 8 seconds to use
  • Shield Battery: Restores 100% of shields / Takes 5 seconds to use
  • Phoenix Kit: Fully restores shields and health / Takes 10 seconds to use

Learn Movement

Apex Legends Movement

Unlike Warzone and Fortnite, Apex Legends has no fall damage. This means players can climb up walls (by walking into a wall and holding jump) and drop into the middle of firefights without having to worry about how far below the ground is.

For added movement speed, you can also crouch slide as well as holster your weapon. Any time you are not in combat, make sure to put any weapons away so that you can run as fast as possible.

Improve Your Aim

Apex Legends is pretty demanding on your mouse smoothness and precise aim tracking. The fastest way to train these and record your progress is to use an aim trainer. This way you can focus your time and attention to play various tracking exercises or exercises designed to help you learn how not to overshoot or undershoot when following the movement of your enemies. 3D Aim Trainer includes Tracking Academy that has a ton of specific aim tracking exercises, easily guiding you to the right ones.

Learn the Maps

Apex Legends Maps

Image source: EA

Currently, there are four maps playable in the Apex Legends Battle Royal mode. The maps include Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point.

Since Apex Legends rotates through each of its maps for casual matches, it can be very beneficial to learn their the topography and features, that way if you find yourself ahead of the game and want to look for a place to setup sniping, you have ideas for optimal buildings and spots. Alternatively, if you are down a squadmate or low on supplies and need to hide, you can know which tunnels or corners may be safe!

Plan your Drops and Stay with Your Team

Apex Legends Where we Dropping

When starting a fresh match, a player in your squad will be give then title of “Jumpmaster,” who can designate where their squad should drop. Planning your start is crucial to the rest of the game since you decide if you want to drop into a “hot zone” (which is generally marked by a blue circle on the map) that may contain higher-tier loot with more competition, or you can drop somewhere farther away from players to have a more relaxed start.

Don’t worry, if you are given the title of Jumpmaster and don’t know where to go, you can always pass it off. Try to drop relatively near your teammates , since other players can also drop nearby and start early fights.

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