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6 Amazing FFXIV Glamours and How to Get Them

Be the talk of the Aetheryte plaza with these stylish battle glams!

If you’re anything like me, aesthetics are key in any game you play. I have been an avid FFXIV player since the launch of ARR, and boy does this game do FASHION. We've all heard the memes about glamour and gpose being the true endgame... but it is 100% the truth my friends. Today I have compiled a list of my current favorite battle glams!

Unlike my previous guide, these glams do contain role-specific items, high-level items, and cash shop/event items. The levels included in the titles are for what’s shown exactly in the pics, but in many cases with some minor tweaks you can adapt these for whatever you're working with. I've also added links to Eorzea Collection where you can find each outfit's details, including how to get them. Without further ado, let's strap in for a tour of my virtual closet!

Mysterious Dancer - Lv. 90 Dancer

FFXIV glamour dancer

Starting out strong with an eye-catching Dancer glam. This top is of such high quality. It offers a unique silhouette with amazing details. The ornamentation on the hood compliments it well, and the rings continue the red and blue gemstone look from the chest piece. The 2B leggings are made for this, they look great with the gold chains draping over them for a layered look. Lastly, the Rathalos boots pull it all together with the gold accents and heavy visual weight.

Because of the top, this outfit is a Lv. 90 Dancer exclusive. See more.

Crimson Knight - Lv. 80 Dragoon

FFXIV glamour dragoon

I wanted to create a glam around this underappreciated body piece. I love the shiny pauldrons and the shape of the cloth as it drapes around the body. It also provides a peekaboo leg moment if you pair it with short enough pants. The Rathalos boots return for this look (wow the versatility!) and the slipstream gauntlets add the edge that every dragoon needs.

This outfit is equippable by Lv. 60 Dragoon or Reaper if you change out the weapon. See more.

Rose Blossom - Lv. 80 Samurai

FFXIV glamour samurai

Pink samurai! I couldn’t wait to make a SAM glam with the new Yakaku Dogi. The red and pink of the undyed Non La match the tattoo and rose pink-dyed shirt. The Nezha Lady's Slops weren't an obvious choice, but they offer a unique touch that I don’t see a lot. This flashy glam wouldn't be complete without a pink glowing weapon, which is achieved by dying the Exarchic Blade.

If you drop the weapon, this outfit is actually equippable by all classes at Lv. 1! See more.

Earth Tones - Lv. 1 Any

FFXIV glamour monk

I really wanted a neutral earth toned fit for my Monk. I was so happy when I saw how well the Dalmascan top goes with the Lightning skirt. The highlight of the outfit is the midsection with the different accessories and materials, the neckline points to it, and the side bag provides a nice visual transition from that. It's moments like this that I wish I had more upper arm band accessory options.

This outfit can be worn by all classes too! See more.

Wild Magic - Lv. 60 White Mage

FFXIV glamour white mage

I wanted a wild-magic vibe for my White Mage and this glam has served me well for a while, even back when I was a male Miqo'te! I love the shape of these armlets (peep the silhouette in the link below), and the arm bands from the body piece integrate perfectly with them. I only wish I could get more rugged-looking pants like the Paglth'an Hose of Striking/Scouting.

This look can be recreated for any Lv. 60 caster class by subbing out the arms and feet for the role-appropriate alternative! See more.

Snow White - Lv. 90 Reaper

FFXIV glamour reaper

Finally, my Reaper glam. This whole outfit revolves around the new Manderville weapon that was just released. It is pretty enough to be the centerpiece, while the outfit just plays along. The glowing crystal accessories on the Nezha Ladies Jacket and earring match perfectly with the glowing runes on the scythe. Peep the nails too! The outfit without the weapon is accessible to all classes at Lv. 1 :) See more.

I hope you enjoyed your tour, if you see me rocking these glams on the Crystal Data Center, come say hi! Stay tuned to part 2 with more glams, coming soon! Happy hunting, fellow collectors!

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